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Running head: Executives: Making it Big by Faking it

Making it Big by Faking it
Miki Griffen
Kaplan University
AB203: Human Resources Management
Jessica Marino
March 24, 2013

Making it Big by Faking it A 2001 study of 7,000 resumes revealed that nearly 25% of the resumes were fabricated or misleading in reference to their credentials. ( This study is just one example of the facts that there are many people who purposely lie to gain employment or attempt to propel their careers by doing so. It is unethical and not fair to professionals that actual go to college and pay for it in an attempt at a better future. When people lie it means that there are less positions out there for the educated personnel that really went to school and invested in their future. Whenever there is a hiring decision that has to be made that requires the candidates to lead others or handle financial responsibilities, it is very important that the applicant’s track record and experience line up and is honestly represented to the hiring organization. It costs any company thousands of dollars to hire new personnel and even though a candidate thinks that they can get ahead by lying about their experience and education. It is quite important in any career field to be honest but in my opinion it is particularly important in the finance field. When a candidate manages or dictates how stock holders and business owners money is managed and invested it is very important that they are hones t and that HR professionals make sure background checks are completed. A person who is hired that has lied or does not have the professional experience that they claimed can very seriously impair the organization that hired them. Any kind of deception on a candidate’s part is a major breach of trust and should be dealt with very...

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