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Ab224 Microeconomics/ Unit 1

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One important thing you should know, when it comes to “business etiquette,” you must take it serious and be professional in that area. “…Proper etiquette sets a tone for clients and customers that the business has a productive and successful environment, and the impression created when everyone displays professional manners helps the company's profitability” (Mooney,2013) Office decoration One thing to know is “what to bring and how much you should have in your work area. You as employees should know all kind of items shouldnot be on your desk. For the simple fact, the desk is needed for all important things (paper, books, pens, and pc) that are involve your job duties. Therefore; that area need to stay free from unnecessary thing, For instance your personal pad, mp3 player. It should be a limit and certain items that an employee can bring to work. For the simple fact, you at work therefore; your work area shouldnot look like an area (dresser) at home, For instance; personal items. I think we as peoples take it to the extreme sometimes because we have some kind of authorities at work (management). There is expectation that every job look for in employees so that means everyone have rules to follow no matter if you are a manager or a regular employee. Things that shouldnot be viewable or brought to work is fingernail polish, deodorant, perfume, and lotion, those are personal items that should be use before coming to work therefore; it does not have any reason to be on the desk. I think it ok if you want to have a family portrait on your desk or just a drawing from your child hanging on your wallboard for the simple fact; it’s not much that taking work space up. Having a good memory of a picture can keep you motivated while you may be feeling down or experience stress at work. A picture of your family will remind you the reason you are there at work, Example; responsibility. Limitation of items in your work area are important because you have other peoples walking in your office and your shouldn’t want anything that will distract other peoples, your job should be taken more serious so be more professional and keep your work place like a business area instead of a personal area because its have reflection of you and you don’t want no misconception from anyone.

Mooney, L. (20013) Business & Entrepreneurship. Retrieved December 10, 2013, from

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