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This assignment focuses on how to write up a basic program for a ABB Robot moment to complete general task

of Appling a glue (Applicator) on a particular object. It also underlines the basic terminology that program

needs in order to execute the code. In this assignment we use the same program of the Company ‘ABB

Robotics’ called the ‘ABB RobotStudio’. This program is the simulator of the ‘Robots’ that are made by the

company. The main objective of these assignment is as follows-

The task of the robot is to suck the glue from a part and then dispense over to the other objects. Assume that

dispense of the gum/glue is done automatically when it comes under the contact of the objects. For appropriate

amount of glue to be applied, the robot should run at a constant speed of 200m/s during application. Before

doing that the tip of the robot should be filled with glue at filling station/part. For this wait 10 seconds at the

filling station and precautions should be taken so that the tip doesn’t get bend or brake while dipping the tip

inside the object.

Basic terminology

Movie J – This command is used when the tip of the robot arm moves from one object to another in an

undefined manner. The robot is designed in such a manner that it will try to take the shortest path possible to

reach its destination.

Move L – This command is used when the user wants the tip of the robot to follow a linear path. It’s specially

used when the object tends to be more complicated or the user is taking some precautions from random

movement of the tip normally when moving along the edges of the object.

Move C – This code is used when the users wants the tip of the robot to move in a curve manner of the object. It

is done in a way that three points are defined and then the tip of the robot assume that as a semicircle and moves

along in that manner.

Zonedata – This code is useful for taking precautions when approaching a narrow part of the object or when a

precise decision is to be made. i.e. if the user wants the glue to be applied at right corner of the object or along

the edges.

Velocity – As the name suggest it is useful when you want to control the speed of the robot arm. For instant in

this assignment we have used different velocities at different locations as we want to insure that the right

amount of glue is applied without spilling over and at the same time complete the task as fast as possible to

insure better production results.

Program Brief

This section consist of detail briefing of each of the executed code by ABB RobotStudio to complete its whole

task. Later on in APPENDIX there is only the code presented to have a better look at how it looks like.

PROC main()

//Default position of the robot Arm

MoveJ My_Home, v7000, z200, tool0;

MoveJ Pass_by, v7000, z200, tool0;

//Since it was hard to position the robot arm to its far left so first it is rotated on the x-axis and then positioned

just above the Glue Applicator.

MoveJ Align_Above_Applicator, v7000, fine, Pen_TCP\WObj:=Applicator;

//Here the tip of the robot is dipped inside the applicator, so the glue is shucked inside the tip for applying on to

the object. Since this Applicator can be positioned anywhere by the user/buyer and program can become

unsuitable for relative task, so an object is created known as Applicator. This will make the program easier as

now we only have to change the position co-ordinates of the object and not write the whole program again.

MoveL Sucking_Glue, v200, fine, Pen_TCP\WObj:=Applicator;

//This will allow the tip of the robot arm to gentle lower down inside the applicator. Decreasing the speed of the

robot and using fine for the motion will insure that no damage is caused to the object and tip of the robot arm.

WaitTime 10;

//Time allotted for the tip of the robot arm to wait inside the applicator so that the right amount of glue is sucked

for applying on the edges of the different objects.

MoveL Return_back_for_safety, v200, fine, Pen_TCP\WObj:=Applicator;

//Gently moves out of the applicator before moving to other object.

MoveJ Align_Above_Obj1, v7000, z50, Pen_TCP\WObj:=wobjbobblerectangle;

//New object created for the first object. This will allow the tip of the robot arm to be positioned just above one

corner of the object. The speed of the robot is increased to insure the completion of the task is done in minimum

time but at the same time it is insured that the tip of the robot arm which contains glue does not fly away from

the robot arm.

MoveL Position1_1, v7000, fine, Pen_TCP\WObj:=wobjbobblerectangle;

//Tip is lower down to first point of the object.

MoveL Position1_2, v200, fine, Pen_TCP\WObj:=wobjbobblerectangle;

//Moving from first point to another.

MoveC Position1_3, Position1_4, v200, fine, Pen_TCP\WObj:=wobjbobblerectangle;

//Since the object contains a semicircle so we need to define two points for the pointer/tip to understand that it is

some sort of curve and it need to follow that instead of a straight line.

MoveC Position1_5, Position1_6, v200, fine, Pen_TCP\WObj:=wobjbobblerectangle;

//Appling the same concept from above will complete the move of semicircle.

MoveL Position1_7, v200, fine, Pen_TCP\WObj:=wobjbobblerectangle;

//Moving linearly from position 6 to position 7.

MoveL Position1_1, v200, fine, Pen_TCP\WObj:=wobjbobblerectangle;

//This is the same command as before to move back the robot pointer to its first position.

MoveJ Align_Above_Obj1, v7000, z200, Pen_TCP\WObj:=wobjbobblerectangle;

//This helps to gently lift up the robot pointer above the object to proceed forward for next target.

MoveJ Align_Above_Obj2, v7000, z200, Pen_TCP\WObj:=wobjcurvysquare;

//Moves just on top of other object.

MoveL Position2_1, v7000, fine, Pen_TCP\WObj:=wobjcurvysquare;

//This relates to the first position of the second object. It moves linearly to ensure that no damage is done to the


MoveL Position2_2, v200, fine, Pen_TCP\WObj:=wobjcurvysquare;

//Moves from first position to position no.2

MoveL Position2_3, v200, fine, Pen_TCP\WObj:=wobjcurvysquare;

//Moves from Psosition2 to Position3

MoveL Position2_4, v200, fine, Pen_TCP\WObj:=wobjcurvysquare;

//Moves from position3 to position4

MoveC Position2_5, Position2_6, v200, fine, Pen_TCP\WObj:=wobjcurvysquare;

//Moves from position4 to first position of the semicircle i.e. position5 to position6.

MoveC Position2_7, Position2_1, v200, fine, Pen_TCP\WObj:=wobjcurvysquare;

//Again MoveC command will move the tip of the robot arm from second point of the curve to the third one.

MoveJ Align_Above_Obj2, v200, fine, Pen_TCP\WObj:=wobjcurvysquare;

//Returns to the original position and lifts up gently to the origin of the second object and gets ready moving

towards third object.

MoveJ Align_Above_Obj3, v7000, z200, Pen_TCP\WObj:=wobjsquare;

//Puts the tip of the robot arm just above the start position of the third object.

MoveL Position3_1, v7000, fine, Pen_TCP\WObj:=wobjsquare;

//Moves from Position1 to Position2.

MoveL Position3_2, v200, fine, Pen_TCP\WObj:=wobjsquare;

//Moves from Position2 to Position3.

MoveL Position3_3, v200, fine, Pen_TCP\WObj:=wobjsquare;

//Moves from Position3 to Position4.

MoveL Position3_4, v200, fine, Pen_TCP\WObj:=wobjsquare;

//Moves from Position4.

MoveL Position3_1, v200, fine, Pen_TCP\WObj:=wobjsquare;

//Moves back to origin of the object.

MoveJ Align_Above_Obj3, v7000, z200, Pen_TCP\WObj:=wobjsquare;

//A gentle lift up from the object to ensure no harm is done to the object.

//Moves back to the home position of the robot arm from where it all started.



MoveJ My_Home, v7000, z200, tool0;

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