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Abc: Foodles Finance of Foodles

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Foodles Financials
Assumptions: We have assumed the following: 1. Per unit Cost of yoodles is Rs. 10. 2. Sales Pattern in two halfs of 2011 is in the ratio 45:55. 3. The Duzy Pasar Retail Chain is available in 77 cities

Working: | Demeter | Category | Total sales Ytd. 2011(Rs.) | 15381861.56 | 314249823.08 | Projected Yearly sales FY 2011(Rs.) | 34147733 | 697634607 | Target Market share | 15% | - | New Projected Sales FY 2011 | 104645191 | - | Incremental Sale | 69995007 | | Total Cost of BTL | 109152928 | - | ROI | 64% | - |

Calculation of the cost:
The following are the various costs for the BTL activities:

Sample explanation: 1. Wet Sampling:
1 packet will serve 5 customers
No. of customers per day: 40 (metros)+ 30(B & C Class cities)
No. of packets per day per hyper per metro: 8+5.2=13.2
Total no. of packets: 8*15 (metros)+ 5.2* (77-15)= 442
Cost per day: 442* 7(unit cost of a packet)= 3097 per month
Total cost for the next six month (2nd half-year): Rs. 557424

Similar calculations are done for other BTL Strategies.

Analysis of the data provided: 1. For yoodles, in terms of cities. , the highest growth in sales in Mini metros & town class (‘C’ & ’D’ Class cities). 2. Also, the growth is highest for Modern Stores- Urban. 3. Region wise: * In Ytd. 2010, South & East did decently whereas North & west had extremely poor sales. * In Ytd. 2011, North & West picked up in sales.
But Still we have highlighted North & West to strengthen its Market share and also due to the least customer awareness in those…...

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