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This report will first analyze the rational behind ABC’s decision to close ABC shops (Battersby 2015) on the basis of strategic evaluation of both external and internal environment by applying analytical tools. The possible outcomes of this action will be critically assessed.

Analysis 1. External
As reported by Owens (2015), the main consideration of management is the disappointing profitability of ABC shop. Macro environment is evaluated by applying PEST and Porter’s Five Forces framework introduced by Jones (2015).

Political: Compared with industry-level, ABC group is facing more significant political impact at company specific level. On the one hand, the state-owned ABC benefits from large government funding as it enables ABC to carry out robust long-term strategy with clear income forecast. As discussed by McNair and Swift (2014), ABC has been acknowledged as producing good-quality news to serve public interest. On the other hand, being public means ABC suffers more political tension than private media. Especially when the Australia government announced to cut ABC funding by $ 254 million despite promising not to before the election (Hutchinson 2015), currently ABC is confronted with big challenge of delivering consistent service with less budget, keeping good relationship with successive government while remaining political-neutral in broadcasting, reminding people of its achievements and promoting public image to weather the storm. Overall, cutting funding gives ABC a hard time and enforces the company to become more profit-oriented, which contributes to the decision of closing unprofitable shops.
Economic: Traditional retail industry is going through structural development as online retail sales boost in Australia. Statistic shows that music DVDs retail sales has dropped 83% since 2005 (Battersby 2015). Management personnel must have foreseen the future loss of physical ABC shop before making the decision.
Social: Retail industry is heavily shaped by the new pattern of online shopping. Customers prefer ordering online than visiting physical stores. Specifically for the DVD/CD retailing in which ABC participates, consumers tend to download music and movies online and play on electronic device rather than owning physical copies (Battersby 2015).

Technological: The fast development of digital platform and online streaming facilitates the online shopping tendency, making the new pattern inevitable by providing convenience and wide accessibility to internet users.

Porter’s Five Forces: Considering the unique public nature and different business segments that ABC operate, only two relevant participants will be assessed in order to form insight of ABC’s position. First, customers have high bargaining power in ABC’s main business, namely broadcasting. Given the options of other channels, customers enjoy minor shift cost. The advertisement income is determined by the audience base, which enhances customer power. As for ABC retailing segment, customers have medium to high power since some official products are only available in ABC shop. However, such program-related products merely make up a small friction of total income (Hutchinson 2015), which is not sufficient to change the prevailing position of broad customers. Second, the rivalry power is high in broader market, which includes commercial channels and retailers like JB-HiFi. Being state-owned does not prevent ABC from competing with private companies. Recent statistic shows that ABC is losing more audiences than main commercial media (News Australia 2015).
Therefore, high power of customers and competitors provide solid rationale for the closure decision.

2. Internal
The key activities in value chain analysis, which was introduced by Jones (2015), are assessed to evaluate internal conditions of ABC Commercial segment. First, marketing and sales activities are successful. Official program-related products are highly popular among local customers and families love to pick gifts for special holidays in ABC shops (Knight 2015). The marketing strategy endows official merchandise with cultural-specific identity and creates extra value to customers. Second, ABC shop provides old-fashioned customer service and was awarded Customer Satisfactory Retailer (Taylor 2013). Extraordinary customer experience creates extra value especially to customers with kids, which encourages customers to revisit in holidays. The marketing and customer service activities complement each other and keep effective sales cycle.

3. Possible outcome

Shareholder: Since ABC is government-owned, the effective shareholder of ABC shop is assumed as ABC group. Previous external environment evaluation suggests that physical store sales would continue declining. The operational expenses of ABC shop are expected to drop once the sale moves online. Overall, the profitability of ABC group is very likely to improve since ABC shops are shut down before it comes to inevitable loss, and more operational funds will be allocated to other profitable segment.

Customers: The closure will significantly cut down products’ accessibility to old-fashioned customers, like elder people who cannot shop online. For customers with internet access, they will enjoy the convenience of online shopping at the expenses of delighting in-store customer experience. Shopping with family for holidays and being surrounded by favorite characters would soon become memories. Employee: Employees would be mostly influenced since the closure means 300 jobs loss (Low 2015). Except management personnel, ordinary ABC shop staff will be dismissed and applying for new positions in the market. These employees are under severe competition and their welfare might bot be secured. Other employees within ABC group might panic due to low job security, worrying that someday they might be dismissed once the financial situation becomes worse.

Through macro environment analysis, it finds out that ABC has been significantly impacted by political tension and declining funding signals that ABC will become commercial and self-supporting. Along with the online shopping trend and digital platform innovation, the future of physical retail store is gloomy. The main broadcasting business is under intensive competition and ABC is losing market share since programs fail to attract audience with high requirements. All these external factors suggest it’s rationale to close unprofitable ABC stores and move online to cope with new tendency and effectively allocate financial resources. As for the outcomes, ABC group might benefit in profitability, yet the welfare and job security of employees need to be secured.

Reference List

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