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Objective: • Oil and Gas Processing /Chemical Process Engineering Job in Oil and Gas Fields. • To evolve around creating processes and designs, as well as maintenance and operations duties in a variety of different disciplines.

• Performing Engineering Studies, improving all the existing projects and supervising the new installation and performing of the commissioning, Issuing work orders and safety procedures to maintain and repair any pipeline, vessel, storage tanks, separators, dehydrators, manifolds, and all other oil/gas relative equipments based on the approved Codes. Design, any required fabrications and modifications. Updating all the related drawings, drafting and as built, (P&ID drawings, Piping drawings, and Mechanical drawings). Preparing all the required reports (daily, weekly, and annually reports).

Summary of Qualifications
Earned value management, supported by a solid grasp of the fundamental components of Project Controls including scope definition, cost estimating, change management, cost management, scheduling, project reporting, earned value analysis and risk management

• Over ten years’ experience teaching and performing research at the university level • Over 15 years’ experience in capital projects management, overseeing a variety of oil and gas fields, from extraction to processing and shipping. • Used Natural gas treating solutions, including amine plants, Triethylene glycol dehydration units and mol sieve dehydration units. P&ID development • 15 years’ experience in progressively senior roles in the oil and gas industry. • Experience with corrosion engineering, welding and painting • Experienced in Gas Chromatography...

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