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A History of Violence Against Women

Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi




I. Violent Crimes A. Shame and Humiliation (Gilligan 2003; Thomas 1995; Burris 1995) 1. Deficiency of self-love 2. Rejection B. Absence of love (Gilligan 1996) 1. Inability to form close relationships 2. Vulnerability C. Intolerable states of mind (Perelberg 1999) 1. Inability to mentalize 2. Violence is an emotion D. Justice for past injury (Gilligan 1996) 1. Childhood experiences 2. Motive for Crime and Punishment

II. Sex Crimes A. Rape (Ellis 1989; Berger & Searles 1995; Chappell, G. Geis, & R. Geis. (1977) 1. Rage 2. Latent homosexual components 3. Hatred B. Sexual abuse of children (Pryor 1996) 1. Molestation 2. Boundary Contradiction C. Incest (Gaddini 1976; MacCarthy 1988) 1. Symbiotic contact with mother 2. Weak and damaged self

III. Conclusion


Blumenthal, S. (2000) Developmental aspects of violence and the institutional response.

Criminal Behavior and Mental Health, 10, 185-198.

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American Psychoanalytic Association, 43 (1), 175-185.

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the offender. Columbia University Press. New York.

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Gilligan, J. (1996). Violence: Reflection on a national...

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