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Module Assessment Report to Students

Module: Financial Accounting (MAN00012C)
Programme: BSc Accounting, Business Finance & Management & BA/BSc Management
Year of study: 1st year
Academic Year: 2013-2014
Module Co-ordinator: Ian Money

General Comments
Fourth year that I have been module leader.

Overall, the average mark has decreased by 2%, but the median has increased to 73%. Also, the students attaining over 70% has improved significantly.

As in previous years, the assessment was a 2 hour closed exam , consisting of one theoretical question and two longer numerical questions covering the preparation of financial statements, double entry bookkeeping and interpretation of financial statements.

Specific Comments
The lectures and seminars were well attended throughout the term.

The overall success of the module was helped by the following :

1) Good use of the VLE, with all material being posted on to it in a timely manner, 2) Two hour lectures which meant that more material could be covered, along with having time to work through examples, and being able to relate the topics to “real world” experiences by the lecturer 3) Offering one-to-one drop in sessions as well as the seminars – many students used this throughout the module (right up until the exam). 4) An interactive add-on with the text book (MyAccountingLab) was used more this year. Specific questions were set as “homework” each week, and the students did these in their own time, and MyAccountingLab then marked the questions for them. Of the cohort, more than half of students regularly used MyAccountingLab.
The course content is exactly the same as the previous three years.

Marks profile 2013-14

No. of students | Lowest Mark | Highest Mark | Median | Average | StandardDeviation | 221 | 9 | 97 | 73.00 | 65.03 | 23.27 |

No in 1st Range | No in 2:1 Range | No in 2:2 Range | No in 3rd Range | No of Fails30-40 | No of Failsbelow 30 | 125 | 22 | 15 | 28 | 12 | 19 |

Marks profile 2012-13

No. of students | Lowest Mark | Highest Mark | Median | Average | StandardDeviation | 196 | 5 | 95 | 71.50 | 67.23 | 19.02 |

No in 1st Range | No in 2:1 Range | No in 2:2 Range | No in 3rd Range | No of Fails30-40 | No of Fails below 30 | 114 | 28 | 17 | 20 | 6 | 11 |


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