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Book Report: A life of Abigail Adams: Dearest Friend Abigail Adams was married to John Adams who was the 2nd president of the United States and was the mother of John Quincy Adams who became the 10th president seven years after her death. She was the daughter of a minister and his wife born November 11, 1744. As a young child, she knew only that she loved to read; as she got older, she became determined to educate herself, despite prevailing views about women’s intellectual capacities, and tried to read more systematically. She met John Adams when she was 15. However he was smitten with her cousin at their first meeting. Three years later at age 18 her cousin had married and Abigail and John began courting. They were married October 25, 1964. John and Abigail were the parents of four children that became adults. They had a daughter that tragically died before she was two years old. Abigail also gave birth to a still born child. She mentioned in one of the letters that she feared the child would be still born, which turned out to be true. The couple is historically know for exchanging letters because unlike most families of the era they spent a lot of time apart. The title of the book gets its name by the salutation in the letters they exchanged, dear friend. The first letters began during their courtship when John Adams was in Boston being inoculated against smallpox. Of all of the letters John and Abigail exchanged one can see that she was not highly schooled as often the words are spelled as they sound. But even though she might not have spelling skills, she was a highly intelligent self-assured woman. In one of her most well-known letters to her husband she urges him to remember the ladies and not to put unlimited power in the hands of their husbands. She believed in the rights of women, especially in education. In the letters...

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Abigail Adams

...Book Summary of Abigail Adams A Revolutionary American Woman, By Charles W. Akers By phillir The life story of Abigail Adams by Charles W. Akers, records the history about a woman who was an advocate for the rights of women throughout the American Revolution and the big part she played in the career of her husband that helped to persuade our society. The author opens up the story with giving readers information about two former United States Presidents, who both had family ties to Abigail. She was the biological mother to one of these powerful men and the spouse and helpmeet to the other. Readers find out that although she was known by her connection to these two authoritative males, this was a woman who was just as worthy to be known as the man she vowed a martial union with, and the one she brought into this world as her son. The writer then rewinds to ten years earlier before Abigail was born. It is here that we are introduced to Abigail’s parents. William Smith and Elizabeth Quincy who were united in Holy matrimony, and three daughters and one son were born to this union. Abigail was born on November 11, 1744 in Weymouth, Massachusetts. Although Abigail did not go to school, she was taught at home with the help of closely related family members. During this time, the main role of women was to care for their home, husband, and children and not to get involved in the business matters pertaining to men such as, war, commerce, politics and other issues. Not much......

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...On the 12th of January, 1780, Abigail Adams wrote to her son, John Quincy Adams, regarding his travel with his father, John Adams. She stresses that she sent him off to France with his father and brother because she believes it is best for him to become a developed individual. In this letter, Abigail Adams utilizes pathos, archaic diction, and allusion to inspire her son, John Quincy Adams, to take advantage of the opportunities given to him while traveling with his father, and to use these opportunities to become a more mature man. Adams encourages her son to be faithful and hardworking on his long journey ahead by appealing to his mother-son affection for her. She begins the letter by stating “MY DEAR SON,” a tone which establishes that she is trying to guide him, rather than reprimand him. In the first paragraph of the letter, she states that “[She hopes he has] had no occasion, either from enemies or the dangers of the sea, to repent [his] second voyage to France.” By stating that she is taking immeasurable concern with her son’s safety, she further appeals to his emotions, with the belief that this would make him more welcoming towards her advice. She compliments his language skills, whilst emphasizing that “As [he increases] in years, [he] will find [himself] understanding opening and daily improving,” justifying her claim in line 16 by describing her meeting with an author. By doing so, she establishes the “Older-Younger” sense of advice offering. In other words,......

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...Women in the War Tanya Bailey HIS/110 - US HISTORY TO 1865 July 8, 2014 Richard Alexander Women in the War Abigail Adams In the video, consideration of women’s rights, women played a tremendous role in the revolutionary war. Women provided their services by contributing in any way possible to the solders and the war. Abigail Adams was addressed as the first lady because she started a change that would affect all women in America. “As the colonial fight for independence from the mother country ensued, Abigail Adams was appointed by the Massachusetts Colony General Court in 1775, along with Mercy Warren and the governor's wife Hannah Winthrop to question their fellow Massachusetts women who were charged by their word or action of remaining loyal to the British crown and working against the independence movement” ("First Lady Biography: Abigail Adams", n.d.). As Abagail stood by her husband trying to ensure all women were loyal to the solders other women also put forth efforts to help with the war. Women had fundraisers to produce money so solders could have new shirts and uniforms. The revolutionary war helped not only the fight against England but women in the new world. Continuing efforts to come up with ways women of the solders could contribute, a door to door program was started. Women were walking to each house to collect anything for the troops. Everything that the women gathered either help towards bullets, clothes, food, and medical supplies. Clothes......

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...Cristal Wilson- Hernandez Mrs. Hazelton English 11P Abagail Adams I believe to learn you must have the stride. Abigail Adams says "Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence." Abigail wife of John Adams and seen as a second first lady of the United States is stating that learning doesn't just come strolling around out of nowhere and you just get it. Learning is sought for with enthusiasm and you learn more and more if you put in the effort. Even though Abigail's greatest regret was her lack of education, her drive and enthusiasm for learning along with the advantage of her father's library made her one of the most recognized knowledgeable woman of her time. What influenced Abigail to value learning? Her parents values of education as well as her whole family believed strength and intelligence were highly valued in a woman. But more importantly the enlightenment also played a major role to influence Abigail. What is the enlightenment, the enlightenment gave rise to new ideals that would directly and indirectly blossom to what is the American Revolution and the idea of republican motherhood. Both of which were important to Abigail. These influences of both of her parents as well as the events and changes of the time. Led her to become ...

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...1. In addition to the United States, which country did Jefferson and Adams most admire?  What does their individual choices tell you about them? England, ,adams- tradition, order, English Wine, believes jeff is wrong about church, science of government is the highest of sciences, think and act american Jefferson- wants pennsylavnia beer. Believes the church be more powerful is dangerous, reason as center of universe, becomes secretary of state 2. Compare and contrast what Jefferson and Adams thought were the primary roles of government? Adams believes the French are radicals. Whiles Jefferson believes they are trying to relieve themselves of oppression of govt. and corrupt church They disagrees on the ideal form of government. They believed in each other, 3. Which factors caused their relationship to break up?  Which factors helped them to reconcile? When they served as trade ambassador for Europe, Adams belives he is forgetting their roles, Jefferson, begins to fall into anti American ways. They split up during the French revolution. Jefferson feels commited to the French revolution. 5 years away. They split over ideals of government while drinking teas. Jeff believes adams is following old England. While adams believes jeff is a radical like the French. A believes j is in decent because he does not say anything about the death of the royal family in france. A believes j could be successor for Washington. J is mad about the antagonizom over frances revolution...

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...Americanization of Benjamin Franklin ( Wood,2004) and Abigail Adams (Holton, 2009) each depict historical figures before, during, and after the American revolution. Respectively, Woody Holton and Gordon S. Wood present unique aspects of Abigail Adams and Benjamin Franklin which highlight societal, institutional, and ideological changes brought about by the American revolution. Holton’s depiction of Abigail Adams provides an in depth analysis of the challenges she faces as a wife who assumes the roles typically undertaken by the family patriarch. In wood’s book, the depiction of Benjamin Franklin allows the reader to understand the progressive development of Franklin as he transitions from a gentleman to an ardent revolutionary. An interesting aspect of Wood’s portrayal of Franklin resides in his detailed analyses of his contributions to the American Revolution and the generally negative reception he receives upon returning to the independent colonies. Both Wood and Holton chose these individuals, and specifically the overriding topics of each book, in order to explain these chosen themes through the perspective of well-known historical figures. Although both authors make interesting arguments, Holton’s research on Abigail Adams presents a more significant contribution to historical research by highlighting her contribution to women’s rights and feminism. Woody Holton’s work, Abigail Adams (2009) tells the story of the wife of John Adams before, during, and after the American......

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...The first letter from Abigail Adams to John Adams on March 31, 1776: After Abigail Adams heard about the Declaration of Independence, she wanted to remind her husband about the rights of women. At that time, women couldn’t do anything except domestic thing. Their words had no value. In this letter, Abigail Adams wanted her husband put in a new code of law of women’s right. They should have an equal power as man do. She wanted women should have the right to vote, not servants for men. The replied letter from John Adams to Abigail Adams on April 14, 1776: John Adams wanted to say that he could not do anything for Abigail Adams. He could not just write down a code of law randomly. There were many political problems were going on, but, he won’t blot her idea out. Her idea would be remained. He hoped General George Washington and other good politicians would fight for it. The second letter from Abigail Adams to John Adams on May, 1776: In this letter, Abigail Adams once again gave prominence to women. They had arbitrary power just like men. They could subdue their master and even throw men’s natural and legal authority at their feet without violence. The importance of this document considering the historical setting is it shows the long process of women try to get their rights in speak and the right to vote as man do. The things that men could do, they could do. They should have the same power as men do. Women in the past had fought for their...

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Founding Mothers of the household, which included farming and businesses. They were feeding, clothing and raising funds for the Continental Army as well. According to Founding Mother’s (2005), Benjamin Franklin’s wife Deborah Franklin” took care of the home front while Benjamin was in England. She tried to make her philandering husband understand how furious colonists were over the new stamp tax”. Ben Franklin stayed in England long after the Stamp Act was repealed. He had started another life in England with a new family and left Deborah to take care of everything in America Abigail Adams was another strong influential woman in the Revolutionary War era. Abigail was head of her household and managed the farm, as John was away for 10 years in political affairs. Throughout John Adams career, he often asked Abigail for advice. In letters written back and forth between the couple John asked Abigail for counsel on what to write in The Declaration of Independence, in which she responded ""Remember the Ladies, and be more generous and favorable to them than your ancestors. Do not put such unlimited power into the hands of the Husbands. Remember all Men would be tyrants if they could. If perticuliar [sic] care and attention is not paid to the Ladies [sic] we are determined to foment a Rebelion, [sic] and will not hold ourselves bound by any Laws in which we have no voice, or Representation." ("National First Ladies' Library", n.d.). One woman who I was not aware of......

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...To say that John Adams was an influential founding father is an understatement. John Adams is usually only known for helping with the declaration of independence but he did so much more than just writing the declaration of independence. He was a very prominent lawyer for his time. He was born in Braintree, Massachusetts on October 30, 1735 oldest to john and Susanna Boylston. His father was a farmer and shoemaker who served as a Congregationalist deacon and an official in local government. John was a teacher for several years until he decided to further his education at Harvard law in 1758 then decided to practice law under James Putnam. In 1764 he married Abigail smith a minister’s daughter. They had 6 children together. In the mist of all that was going on in the colonies Adams began challenging Great Britain’s authority. “He came to view the British imposition of high taxes and tariffs as a tool of oppression, and he no longer believed that the government in England had the colonists’ best interests in mind” (network, 2014) Adams was one of few that spoke out against the stamp act and Townshend acts. He didn’t believe that the British were not thinking about the people he was just caring about the profit. Both of these acts against the colonies taxed all legal documents, newspapers and playing cards, glass and tea. All these were imported to America, these acts angered the colonists. Even though he was a prominent leader in revolutionary time he still believed that......

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...revolution ended in 1783, America started to form a new concept of their ideal society. Our freedom became the main reason for the revolution, without it we wouldn’t have freedom of speech and religion. The americans fought for political and social rights, this revolution brought new possibilities socially and politically that changed America forever. Politically, the revolution opened up a whole new way of government. Politically they wanted something far from what they had know with Britain before. That's when they came up with The Articles Of Confederation, which ended up being a failure but served as a rough draft for the Declaration Of Independence, which was created in July 1776. In Document G which is a letter from Abigail Adams Thomas Jefferson that was created in 1787 how the articles were too lenient and “without conscience or principles”. They needed more order than the Articles of Confederation gave them and that's why it was a failure. Socially America became more lenient. Making it easier to vote and flourishing democratically. Even though women would not be fully free from discrimination for 140 years, some women received more freedom than before the Revolution and thousands of slaves were set free. These small changes paved the way for...

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