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Define the Type of Organisation and the Industry it operates in?

ABL Limited is a beverage and snack company operating in the Australian Non-Alcoholic beverage market. ABL has a decentralized organizational structure and is listed on the ASX.

ABL is looking at expanding into the Australian bottled water manufacturing industry. The major segments of the Austalian bottled water manufacturing industry are still water 74% and sparkling water 24% value 963m litres in 2011

Value Chain Analysis

Water Treatment Bottling & Packaging Distribution Retailer
Supply Labeling

55% 26.8%
Wages 12.1%
Depreciation 4.1%
Utilities and Rent 1.8%

Segments Analysis:

The Life cycle Stage of the Industry
The Australian bottled water industry is in a growth phase. The industry has evolved since 1990 out of the soft drink manufacturing industry and is achieving a high rate of growth as seen in table 4 where Bottled water is expected to grow from 13.3% of Non-Alcoholic beverages to 17.4%. Consumption per capita of water is also expected to grow in the future as well as revenue from sales of still and sparkling water. A recent report by the Global Earth Policy Institute concluded that global consumption of bottled water rose by 56.8% to 164 billion litres from 2007 to 2011. Growth phase is further evident by a net profit rate of 16.3% which is high.


Industries Future Growth
Remote Analysis (Growth)

|Factor |Issue |Effect on |Impact |
| | |Growth | |
|Economy |Household Disposable income to increase...

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