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This is such a fascinating subject to me because it affects me personally. I am diabetic and I suffer from Bipolar I disorder. I also have to deal with constant anxiety. This interferes with my life in so many ways. As you may have witnessed, when I'm in the depressive state I can't seem to focus on my schoolwork.
When I swing to the manic side, I feel like I can accomplish anything, but I can't stay focused on one thing for very long. I used to be a rapid swinger in my younger days, meaning I would swing from manic to depressed several times a day. This was so exhausting. With medication, I am able to balance myself most of the time.
However, when I experience a disruption, it can last for weeks. This means for several weeks I can stay so depressed I can't get out of bed. I don't eat, socialize or anything. I am not motivated to do anything. Often, I will stop taking medication which perpetuates the symptoms. I get to the point in my depression that I give up completely. Sometimes I feel so low that I become suicidal. This scares me with myself because I have a lot of trouble controlling the urge to end it all. This is usually when I begin to realize I NEED my medications. Once I force myself to start taking my medication I return to normal shortly thereafter.
After I get back to "normal" it is very likely to become manic for weeks. This is the interesting part. In my manic state, I can function wonderfully. I will go out and get a job, plan things that need to be accomplished and actually be productive. This is such a great feeling to me. However, I am likely to go on a spending spree or other reckless behaviors. This happened last month and I am still not caught up on my rent. I will do things uncharacteristic of myself. I called a cab once and had him just ride me around town while I drank beer.(I don’t drink). All of this can present additional problems…...

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