Abortion Right or Wrong

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Abortion: Right or Wrong
As I see it, there are two sides to the argument of abortion, and I stand pro-choice. Abortion must be the legal right for all women. This doesn't mean in any way I condone an abortion free-for-all. For example, all those women who are trying to get rid of “mistakes” every couple of months because they choose to do nothing to prevent the pregnancy in the first place.
Women must have the right to terminate pregnancies under certain circumstances. For example, if a woman has a medical condition, and carrying a child to full term will kill her, it is better to terminate that child as early as possible, to save the mother so she may live her life. And it’s likely if her condition is serious enough to threaten her life, the baby will not survive anyway. Under a circumstance like this, no one can argue two lives lost are better than one, just because the person may believe abortion to be wrong.
A teenage girl, only fourteen-years-old, is walking home from school one day. She gets attacked, dragged into some bushes or a car and raped. A few weeks later she learns she is pregnant. At this point, the girl is faced with three choices. She can choose to keep the baby, becoming a mother before most people decide what they want to do after high school. Not only that, she becomes the mother of a child who came from a horrific and terrifying situation.
Choice two is to carry the child to full term, and then put it up for adoption. On the
Positive side, the child is given a chance to live a full and happy life and will hopefully grow up in a loving and stable environment. On the negative side, the mother can become depressed from giving up the child.
Choice Three is abortion. This is in no way ideal and never will be. However, it has the advantage of being over and done with before anyone can find out about it, reducing the chance…...