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Abortion and Personhood

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| Abortion and Personhood |
Do either Noonan or Warren offer good arguments with regard to the personhood status of the fetus? Why/why not?

Noonan-fetus is a person at conception, only when it moves is it considered a human in old English,
Warren- kind of something along the lines of even cancer cells are human and living therefore it is bad to kill them also

Thompson has a grey area and is pro choice
Sumner deals with suffering
Marquis right to life but if there is no value then should it be terminated

For Jennifer Nuguyen
I agree with the point that killing a fetus is almost along the same lines as killing a human being. Yet, I think that the situation that the person is in would be the main deciding factor in what the woman should do. What extent though do we go to with dealing in the fullness of life itself. If a person is dealt a card of a really bad debilitating disease where quality of life isn't going to be there, some would still try to give that child once born the best life they can offer, but there are others who might feel that this would be a waste. I think that you also have to just look at the possibilities that some one the births might not really be worth going through all the heart break if the parent really can't be strong enough for the family and the newborn. If a person has a really bad disease are they realistically going to be a doctor? I am not trying to sound harsh, but it is just a question that I think about.

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