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Abortion is the termination of pregnancy by removing or taking off the fetus or embryo. It is very dangerous and the risk of killing the victims in progress is high and it will bring after effect. An abortion is ensued due to most teenagers have limited knowledge in sex and without proper safety precaution, unwanted pregnancy might occur.

Besides that, taking care of children can be a difficult task for teenagers as they are still students and their parents might choose abortion for their daughters. Moreover, crimes of rape happen in our society increasingly nowadays and this leads to abortion problem among the females. Other than that, the health condition of a pregnant woman/mother could also be one of the factors to cause congenital death of unborn baby or even worse and forced to abort.

Statement of the Problem

According to the report from Index Mundi towards Malaysia birth rate, the birth rate in the country has declined steadily year by year; one of the reasons would be the rise in the number of abortion. This phenomenon should be viewed with concern and the researchers want to discover the reasons that make women to induce abortion.
Abortion is considered illegal in Malaysia (however, there are some exception). Hence it causes many women to delay undergoing abortion and encourages the proliferation of such services to conduct illegal abortions in the black market. There was a report by Kosmo The Star, said that according to the statistics by the police, there were at least 100 abandoned babies a year. Besides that, the sale of abortion pills becomes so open in our country. Another report by Kosmo The Star, disclosed that the availability of abortion pills at private maternity clinics for only RM50 worth of pills, and a fetus could be easily aborted. This is a type of hormone made pill that will…...