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Biometric: Biometric means identification of humans by their characteristics of traits. There’re different types of biometric. It includes fingerprint, retina scanner, etc….. It is used to identify access control in computer science. It also very useful physiology. And also to study behavioral characteristics of a person. As it is very useful in various fields, such as medical science, computer science, banking, Immigration and so on, it becomes commercialized.

Retina scanner is a technique named biometric that uses to identify the unique patterns on a person’s retina. The scan used by biometric technique can examine the pattern of blood vessels out the back of the eye. It can trace a standardized path on the retina and identify the pattern of variation that is converted to computer code and stored in a data base. For example, it is mostly used in World Trade Centre’s Server room and Immigration and Check –point data saving Centre.

Where can we use simplest Biometric Scanner device…

A biometric retina scanner is one of the simplest biometric scanner devices that you can use in your office. The need for retina scanning is rapidly increasing and you will find that many high class banks and corporations will actually use these retina scanner devices as a means of enhancing safety in the building. If you are looking for ways to keep your property safe, you may find that a biometric retina scanner is exactly what you need to increase the security and make it more difficult for outsiders to enter your building unmonitored.

The problem that many corporations face is that there are often a number of people going in and out of their offices at any given moment. Employees are constantly going in and out, messenger services are frequently delivering packages, and there is a steady stream of visitors. It is not uncommon for a visitor or two to wander off and end up someplace where they don’t belong, and this is a problem that every security detail around the world faces. The biometric retina scanner can be the best way to enhance your security, and you will find that your offices can be protected efficiently due to these retina scanning systems.

How to apply…

This system requires employees to place their open eye in front of a biometric retina scanner device, and the device scans their unique retina pattern to determine if the person is permitted entry or not. If the person is allowed to enter, the door or access point will open. If not, the person will be denied, and security will be alerted after a number of failed attempts. There is nothing short of a cataract or losing an eye that will affect a person’s ability to access the building, as their eye has a unique retinal pattern that sets it apart from every other set of eyes in the world. Your eye is a unique organ that has no twin, meaning that only your eye will allow you entrance past the retina biometrics scanner.

Retina scanners can be used not only to determine a person’s authority to access a building, but also it can help employers monitor employee performance. If the retina scanner informs the employer that the person’s eyes are bloodshot, the employer can know the person didn’t get enough sleep or was up late drinking. If the pupils of the eyes are dilated, the employer can be reasonably certain that the person was taking drugs. All of the above features are designed to improve employee performance and employer control. Using these retina scanner systems can be the best way to secure your office.

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