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Above the Board: Book Review

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James Babauta
MNGT 5990: Corporate Responsibility & Society
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Webster University

ABOVE THE BOARD: My Personal Review

In conjunction with this course, this book serves as a critical reflection that contrasts the books ethical notions as well as its assumptions with the ethical standards, perceptions, and ideas that we review in the classroom. The main theme of this book is an attempt to extant to its reader several approaches to which a Chairman or Chief Executive Officer can create a set of principles for ethics within an organization, corporation, or enterprise. I must say that one of the good things I enjoyed about this book is how it teaches professionals (primarily the leaders of any big corporations) different approaches and techniques to encompasses business values to the daily lives of the main effort that drives the business to achieve success and meeting the company’s intent, which are the employees … the driving force of any corporation. The various ways in which this book outlines in examples rest on an assumption that the ultimate enablers of any business that values ethics and morality are its employees and subordinates that make things happen. I’ve been employed by several different companies to include the United States Army. I have to say that none of these companies and organizations that I have worked for thus far; were perfect when it comes to exercising ethical values that have been set forth in their core company and organizational values or ethics plans. In fact, I don’t think any one company is perfect. However, there are those who try to the best of their ability to maintain a pleasant and comfortable working environment. Personally, I like how the book was written. It’s a combination of implied theories as well as short stories that allows the reader to incorporate the message. It focuses on...

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