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One of the most important minor misconducts is absenteeism, however employers get less harm from this misconduct in compare of major misconducts but if this misconduct turn to a habitual pattern in a workplace the organization suffer more loss from this. There are some factors that to drive this minor misconduct in an organization and the most important one is job satisfaction level. There is a strong relationship between job satisfaction and minor misconducts like absenteeism. workers who are more satisfied with their jobs are absent less often than those who are dissatisfied.
Most of absenteeism occurred with inappropriate reason or fake reason, but how managers can defer them from real reasons? Study shows workers are not always honest to their employers for giving the real reason of their absenteeism so managers only can take some actions to reduce inappropriate absenteeism in their devisoin.
Increasing job satisfaction is the first action that managers can take to reducing absenteeism, the question is what factor influence job satisfaction. Many factors can drive job satisfaction up and down. Flexible hours for some employees can increase their job satisfaction for example imagine an employee that most of his/her absenteeism reasons is a childcare reason.flexible hours can help this employee. Incentives are very helpful for increasing job satisfaction and reducing absenteeism.
Job Satisfaction

Job satisfaction
Motives and incentives

The next thing managers have to do is to prepare reliable recording system for absenteeism. Managers of each devision of organization must record any detail of any absenteeism occurred in their devision then report them to HR to take an action against them. Noticing to employees is not always a helpful way to reducing absenteeism in an organization and it can only used for workers whith high…...

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