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Over the years, many women have graduated out of colleges and universities, hoping to enter the workforce. Although, there are some workforce in the industries where there have shown low presence of growth, whereby quarter of these women stopped working and moved to being part- timers, according to Baig (2013). Yet, when it comes to sheer numbers, women’s participation rate in the labour force has increased greatly, from 30.3 million in 1970 to 72.7 million over four years. In Brunei, as stated by Ishak (2008), women’s participation rate in the workforce has also increase dramatically from 20% to over 59% today. The establishment of the Women’s Business
Council in Brunei in 1999, aims to support business women of diverse occupations and to provide opportunities for women to help themselves grow personally and professionally though leadership, networking education and national recognition, it is said that almost 50% of all micro, small and medium enterprises in Brunei are made of women. From there, to be on an equal standing with the men can be seen, be it in terms of salary or position. Hence, women today began to accept the equal opportunity given to men and women, due to the factors such as people’s prejudice towards working women, government policies such as the Legislation on Women in Brunei and others.
These women do see themselves as a part of the “bread-winners”, a role usually hold by the men.
Quality Work-Life balance, as stated by Cherrington (1991), generally refers to any programs that are employed to change the traditional approaches to working. Therefore, quality of work-life programs are highly encouraged in some organisations. Thien (2014) believed that the new role that working women have and how to balance their work is a problem faced by many women.
Because they have to work early in the morning, taking care of the children then be off to work and back again at home to finish up chores has increasingly becoming a problem. Knowing how to balance work and family time became an important balance work and family so that the family institution is not sacrificed due to the increment of working parents. Beena (2011) also agrees that when the demands of work and family are in conflict, it may cause role overload and burnout.
Thus, when doing a study of Hengyi Industries, it was decided to use questionnaires to collect information and data from the participants, however, due to the small numbers of working women who are either married or single, it is recommended to use interviews, instead. With interviews, it is possible to gain more information, as to compare to questionnaires.

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