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Thesis: The challenges of being a single parent include managing finances, responsibilities and resources

The challenge of being a single parent has become harder over time. The fact is that over time things have changed but not for a single parent. Statics show that there has been a steady rise for five decades and that the births to unmarried women has crossed a threshold. An example of this would be, a single mom that can’t provide day care for her child because her income is not enough to pay the bills and day care. The challenges of being a single parent include, managing finances, responsibilities and resources, their work is never done nor are their struggles.
One of the challenges a single mom has raising her son and daughter would be getting up at 4am taking 3 buses to transport her children to her mother (who lives on the other side of town). Spending 2 hours getting there and another 3 buses and a hour and a half getting to work. There is a limit on everything she does because she does not have the opportunity to get an education, she has to work and provide for her family. Pawning valuables to make ends meet when money is short, living from pay check to pay check. Child support is another challenge for a single mom when the children’s father does not work, all the financial responsibility is on the single parent. Another challenge to a single mom is that because she is a woman, to keep from being taken advantage of, she will pay more money for rent to keep the Landlord off her back, this causes her finances to really be tight.
Her resources are not helpful in the sense that her family is disappointed in her. She did not achieve the goals that they had set for her. She did not marry the boy they had selected for her. She had children out of wedlock therefore tarnishing the family the family name. Another challenge for a single mother is...

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