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Abuse vs Substance

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Abuse vs. Substance Use Disorder

Kristin Whitford

Liberty University

Relationship between abuse of substance and Substance Use Disorders

The problem of drug use and alcohol has haunted us for a long time. We even see these issues arise in the Bible. There are a variety of reasons for substance use and abuse. According to Doweiko (2015) says that a person may use because of previously impulses, to cope with situations and pain, try new things, escape from social status, and use out of rebellion. To understand the relationship between abuse and substance use disorder we need to understand the meaning of the two. According to substance abuse disorder in DSM-5 combines DSM-IV categories of substance abuse and substance dependence into one that is measured from mild to severe. This distinction is abuse is mild or early stages where as dependency is worse. Substance abuse is using drugs, alcohol, or chemicals. The results are usually emotional or psychological harm.

Discerning abuse from SUD and factors

The next thing we are going to look at is how to discern between substance use and abuse. According to Clinton & Scalise (2013) the diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders N-text says the pattern of substance use leads to impairment, tolerance, with-drawl symptoms, and using even when knowing that it can be destructive. For abuse it is someone who continues to use drugs in physically dangerous situations and even continued use even if social or personal problems come up. Both abuse and substance use have factors that contribute which could be because of their environment, genetics, poverty, drug availability, victim of child abuse, personality disorders and many more causes. According to Doweiko (2015) says that substance-abusing adults were 2.7 times likely to abuse a child and 4.2 times to have neglected a child. Taking drugs and...

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