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Academic and Functional Behavior Template

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The following material is taken from the presentation: The ABC's of IEP's - September 2012. It has been retyped in a template format to assist teachers in the completion of their PLAAFP'S AND Goals.
The print in BLACK FONT contains the required headings of the PLAAFP.
The print in color font represents instructions and samples.

Select and adapt what is appropriate for your student then delete any color font and the result should be a one page PLAAFP. Hope this helps! Pat King

Cut and paste the finished product below into the PLAAFP text box in Success Ed - the Manager.


Adapt one of the following. Potential handicapping conditions are noted in all caps. Do not include in the HANDICAPPING CONDITION (i.e. LEARNING DISABLED) in the statement:

• Student’s (Student's name) eligibility condition in the area of basic reading affects her ability to read and understand words and passages in reading. LEARNING DISABILITY • Student’s eligibility condition in math calculations affects his ability to solve math computation assignments. LEARNING DISABILITY • Student’s eligibility condition in the area of reading comprehension impacts his ability to read and understand math word problems. LEARNING DISABILITY • Student’s eligibility condition in reading affects his ability to understand the meaning of words and passages in science. LEARNING DISABILITY • Student’s educational disability condition in the area of…...

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