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The main focus of this article was on two different types of cheating. The 2 types were planned cheating and the panic cheating; they compared and tested both in online learning and Traditional classroom setting. They also listed the differences between the online classroom and the traditional classroom. The steps one would take to prevent planned cheating are to have more confidence in oneself when writing papers, also having enough time to complete the assignments on time. As for steps for the panic cheating it was concluded that this form of cheating did exist in online learning as this practice is more reserved for the classroom setting
For the second article I used academic honesty as the keyword in my article search. The title of the second article was: The culture of cheating: from the classroom to the exam room. The authors were Danielsen RD; Simon AF; Pavlick R. This article was published in March of 2006. No there was not a peer-review done on the paper. I found this article using the EBSCOhost database
The focus of this article is on all different types of cheating. To list a few of the different types: Copying from another student during an examination, copying a paper from a file or from a purchased paper and presenting it as original work, asking another student for the answers to an examination question, purchasing or receiving notes from a fellow student and using material from another student's paper without giving bibliographic credit. How to take steps to prevent these different types: being prepared when taking an exam this means study and take good notes. Do the work and don’t purchase any papers, to sum up all of the rest is to be the student that does their work and don’t take shortcuts. As for the steps to avoid these issues they are very simple one do the work that is expected and don’t take shortcuts, give enough time to complete the…...