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Academic Performance as Influenced by Social Networking Sites and Other Online Activities

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Chapter 1
Background of the Study
In this age of globalization, the advent of internet is something that has shaken almost all spheres of personal, social and professional human life., 2012 cited that with the rapid growth of people who use or have access to the Internet, millions of people can stay connected together using the web provision called Social Networking Sites (SNSs).
According to Chelly and Mataillet, 2012 that social networking sites are interactive web links that give people an opportunity to create, share and publish information, build communities and communicate around the world. Specifically, social networking is a common online activity that allows people to communicate with those they would not usually have contact with and this communication includes information, news, ideas, pictures, technology, cultural practices, and anything else that people can say to each other in face to face interactions (, 2012). Moreover, SNSs provide place for other online activities like searching information, gaming, shopping, viewing videos, listening music, uploading and viewing pictures, reading posts, blogging, and online banking; and, those activities are positively the reason why many students are interested in checking out these sites (Asilo et al, 2010).
Indeed, a study in the USA revealed that teenagers are keen users of the internet; 87% of teens aged between twelve and seventeen years use the internet, increasing to 94% for Year 11 and Year 12 students, (, 2011). Moreover, almost half of the students are on social networking sites when they are on the ‘net, (Harris Interactive, 2008). When they’re on the computer, it’s likely they’re on a social media site, too. This is...

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