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Domestic Administration
An introduction from the Home Bursar
The menu choices in this section of the website provide information about the people who run the backup services and systems that life in College relies on.
To a new student, and even one who has been here for a while, a college can seem to be impossibly complex. The hope is that this section will give you an overall impression of how these services and systems work and fit together. It will also tell you how you can make contact with the right people to deal with enquiries so that you get the most out of your time at St Catherine’s
James Bennett
The Home Bursar, Mr James Bennett, is responsible for the College grounds and buildings, health and safety matters, the general management of the College’s services and the staff who provide those services.
The Home Bursar also acts as a point of contact for representatives of the student Common Rooms, the JCR and MCR, on what are called ‘domestic’ matters – the areas covered by this section of the website.
The way St Catherine’s works means that good ideas and comments on how things are done can usually be very quickly acted on if they are raised directly with the appropriate member of staff.
However, there are situations when a more formal approach might be required. In these cases, matters can be raised with one of the Home Bursar’s departmental Managers (Accommodation, Maintenance and Accounts), either directly or through JCR or MCR representatives. Separate pages are provided in this section for these managers.
If an issue needs to be looked at more deeply or from a college-wide perspective, and it needs immediate attention, then it can be referred to the Home Bursar, usually through JCR or MCR representatives. Generally though, college-wide policy issues are considered by the Domestic Committee which meets twice a…...