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Academic Verses Devotional Study

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Ansley Wilson
Survey of the Old Testament
February 5, 2014
Essay Assignment #1
Academic Verses Devotional Study
Studying the Old Testament in the bible in an academic setting and a devotional setting, are honestly completely different. There are certain characteristics that are the same, however, for the most part they are not the same. In this paper I intend to discuss what makes the academic and devotional settings similar, what makes them different, and also why it is important to study both of them. When viewing the bible in these manners it gives you a better understanding of his word, his intentions, and his love for us. To start off you need to understand how the bible came about. It started out as human communication. It was verbal until it was finally written out and when it was written out it was still meant to be “heard”. The Bible gives us instructions and laws that we are to follow. This is something that the academic Study really helps you understand. Certain things happen in a Chronological order just like history that you learn in an academic study at school. When you are able to observe the time period and why it happened you can conclude more due to the information you have by studying everything about it. This is great information for you to use later when you have your own personal devotional study. You have a better understanding of the message God wants to give you when you know the historical aspect. Studying the Bible in an academic setting is very interesting and helpful. It gives you all around information. Studying the Bible in this manner gives you a better foundation. If you have a strong foundation then you can obtain more information later on in your devotional setting. Before I was in this particular class, I did not believe that the academic standpoint was really that important for your faith. I considered the fact…...

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