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Australia has got about 500 different cultural groups with each having its own beliefs capacity, and values. Among these groups, there is one of the oldest cultures that date back to at least 50,000 years that is known as Aboriginal culture that comprises of practices and ceremonies of the indigenous Australians which due to its depth ,it do play a greater role in influencing the modern Australia. The impacts of social economics are on a deeper level on the indigenous people than it is on the no indigenous person I Australia which means which that Indigenous community my experience difficulties in trying co-exist with other communities and managing their local initiatives. It is witness as there are remote communities that have overcrowded households and lacking lots of basic amenities such a functional toilets, stoves and fridges.there is also a problem of mismanagement of funds due to financial low literacy, lack of back services, and demands to share resources. There is the need to understand how poor living conditions, poor education, poor education, loss of traditional roles and western culture impact impose limitations on the ability of indigenous people to engage in development. From its contribution to the modern communities, the government has to find and formulate policies promoting the social and economic development of the Aboriginal people. All these are with the aim of strengthening the government engagement and partnerships with the aboriginal people since the government is fully aware that without genuine engagement it would be difficult to see any policy succeed. The engagement is not only maintained by the government but also the private sectors that have also to recognize the aboriginal community.
From the Citizens' engagement in policy making and the design of public services (Holmes, 2011), the research notes the difficulties of...

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