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Academic writing

What is academic writing? Well, it is writing done by scholars for scholars. Thanks goodness I am just a student not a scholar hence academic writing does not concern me, right? Wrong! As a university college student you are part of a community of scholars. You are expected to be able to engage in the following activities:

Read about certain ideas Think about certain ideas Argue about certain ideas Write about certain ideas

Before you start to write you have to read widely in your area of interest. Carry out a literature search in the library or an online search in the Internet. Look for relevant articles in the journals or newspapers or even in books. In an academic writing you have to acknowledge references made in the bibliography.

While reading extensively you have to think and decide whether you agree with the authors’ views or otherwise. Do you have evidence to support your stand? On what ground do you choose a particular position. You have to argue it out convincingly in your writing. Do not use hearsay or your gut feeling to support your argument. Look for concrete evidences in other scholars’ work.

It is very wrong to submit an academic writing where you merely joint together paragraphs from various articles read without contributing your views, your arguments and your thinking of the subject you are writing. Remember it is not an exercise for you to summarise other authors’ writings.

Now, how to create an informed argument where your writing is analytical rather than personal. You can start off by evaluating the article you read. When you evaluate for an academic purpose, you must be able to articulate clearly and to support your own personal response. What is written in the article that leads you to respond in a certain manner? Conversely, what is not...

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