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Architectural Control Committee - Improvement Request Form

ASSOCIATION: _______________________________________________________________ DATE: ______________

In accordance with the recorded covenants, conditions and restrictions of the association, and in order to protect each individual owner's rights and values, it is required that any owner who is considering improvement of his deeded property to include, but not be limited to patio covers, decks, outside buildings, fencing, building add-ons, etc., submit the following to the Architectural Control Committee prior to initiating work on the planned improvements:

_______ (1) A completed Improvement Request Form for each project separately. _______ (2) Complete and detailed building plans, material listing, specifications & color samples. _______ (3) A property site/plot plan showing the location of the proposed improvement. _______ (4) $25.00 Application Fee (check, money order or cashiers check payable to ProComm)

FAILURE TO SUBMIT THE REQUESTED ATTACHMENTS (ITEMS 1, 2 3 & 4) PRIOR TO CONSTRUCTION MAY RESULT IN DENIAL OF YOUR REQUEST FOR IMPROVEMENT. If any change is made without approval, the Committee has the right to tell the homeowner to remove the improvement from his property. Any homeowner considering any exterior improvement to his property is urged to review the recorded deed restrictions prior to initial request.

Owner Name ___________________________________________ Email: ___________________________________________
Address ____________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________, Texas 78_________
Home Phone: ___________________________________________ Work Phone:______________________________________

Briefly describe the improvement that you propose:

Who will do the actual work on this improvement?

_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _ LOCation of improvement (check actual areas that apply): ___________ Front of dwelling ___________ Back of dwelling ___________ Side of dwelling ___________ Roof of dwelling ___________ Garage ___________ Patio ___________ Other (Describe)______________________________________________________________________________

Material to be used for the improvement (check applicable items): ________ Brick - Color _______________________________________________ ________ Cement ________ Stucco ________ Wood - Color _______________________________________________ ________ Electric ________ Siding Wood ________________________ Aluminum ____________ ________ Glass ________ Paint - Color _______________________________________________ ________ Stain ________ Color Other (Explain)______________________________________________________________________________

I understand that the Architectural Control Committee will act on this request within 30 days of receipt and contact me in writing regarding their decision. I agree not to begin property improvement without written approval from the Architectural Control Committee. I understand that all construction will meet with City codes and that the Architectural Control Committee approvals do not override the City codes but rather, are intended to work with them.

_________________________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________
Owner’s Printed Name Signature Date
_________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________ _______________
Co-owner’s Printed Name Signature Date
__________________________________________ ____________________________________________
Construction Start Date Estimated Completion Date

Return this completed form and attachments to:
ProComm at 2345 Loop 337, Ste. 200, New Braunfels, TX 78130. (830) 632-8300 Fax: (830) 632-8303


The purpose of the Committee is to maintain property values by protecting the environmental and architectural integrity of the Subdivision in accordance with the provisions of the Declaration. Most covenants state that no building, structure or improvement of any character shall be erected, placed, added to or altered on any lot until the building plans, specifications and a site plan showing the location of the proposed structure or structures have been submitted to and approved by Architectural Control Committee for the Association as being in compliance with the restrictions as to use, quality of workmanship and materials, nature of materials, harmony of external design and colors with existing and proposed structures, and location of improvements with respect to topography, finished grade elevation, lot boundary lines and building lines, and within the scheme and design of Declarant.

Prior to making any change or improvement, any owner planning to change or add to the existing structures on a lot must submit a request in writing to the ACC stating the details of the intended change, improvement or need for variance and attaching samples or plans to more clearly describe the projected change or addition. If any change, improvement or action in variance from the Declaration is taken prior to written approval of the ACC, the Association has the right to require the homeowner to remove the improvement(s) and/or change(s) from the property.

Some examples of improvement/alterations requiring written approval from the ACC include (refer to the Declaration for other details): ▪ Antennas ▪ Buildings/Structures (Garages, Storage Buildings, Patio Covers, Play Structures, etc.) ▪ Fences and Walls ▪ Solar Collectors ▪ Other (Flagpoles, light fixtures, etc.)

The Committee is authorized to grant selective variances for things such as location, height, number of improvements, materials, etc., but the owner must request this variance, giving reasons why it should be granted so that the Committee can make a reasoned decision.

The formal request and approval process is necessary to assure that every owner’s desire to improve his or her property can be given due process without discrimination. It will also provide the owner(s), the Committee and the Association Board with a permanent record of actions taken under the Declaration.

A number of owners have already requested and been granted approval to add improvements to their property by following the procedures outlined in the Declaration of Protective Covenants, but there are some owners who have expressed surprise and consternation about having to “ask permission” to improve their own property. Your subdivision was developed and made subject to a Declaration of Protective Covenants and all owners become obligated to follow the terms of the Declaration when they receive the deed to their property. The simple form on the reverse has been created to make it easier for all owners to submit requests for improvements.


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