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The founders of Nike Inc. are Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight. They created a company called Blue Ribbon Sports, which is the original Nike Inc. and was founded in 1964 by both of them. Bowerman and Knight started their business out of their vehicles at local track meets and sporting events. Their first customers were athletes in the vicinity of the University of Oregon. The company Blue Ribbon Sports hired Carolyn Davidson who designed their swoosh logo in 1971 for only $35. In 1972, Blue Ribbon Sports changed the name to Nike, named after the Greek Goddess of Victory. In 1980, Nike, Inc. had overtaken the athletic footwear market without any advertisements. Nike's reputation in the athletic footwear industry grew by the spreading of positive reviews by athletes and consumers. Nike has created a positive image that has stuck to this day, and Nike remains the first choice for many athletes and consumers around the world. For example, by 1988 Nike's revenues reached to $1,203,440,000. In 1990, Nike opened Nike Town, which was the first retail stores for all Nike products. Nike still continues to grow, for instance it has bought Cole-Haan, Hurley, and Converse. The company’s main goal is to design and develop a world-wide brand of high quality footwear, apparel, equipment, and accessory products. Nike is mostly known for their popular and wide variety of shoes. There are many competitors that Nike has, for instance some of them are Addidas, Reebok, and Under Armour.
Nike is setup as a matrix organizational structure, meaning there are multiple lines of authority. For instance, Nike has at least two managers in a single store and each employee reports to a team manage who then relays all progress reports to the department manager. Team managers and employees make decisions that regard specification and production while all department managers’ focus on...

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