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______________________PROJECT COLA_____________________________


Cassandra Chew
Mbere Monjok
Kristina Nguyen,
Mohammad Punjwani
Normandie Scanlon
William Stripling




Organizational Structure 3
Regional Structure 3
Foreign Operations 4
Expansion in China 4
Rising Costs in the US 5
VISION 2020 6






Purpose: The purpose of this document is to summarize the following report on the structure and functionality of Coca-Cola. This report details some of the problems that the company is currently facing and recommends possible solutions.

Company Overview: Coca-Cola is a multinational retailer of beverages and syrups to businesses around the globe. The marketing strategies, which Coca-Cola employs, must be tailored to the many cultures and languages present in the regions of sale. Employing over 94,000 people in more than 200 countries requires that Coca-Cola rely on a regional approach to marketing. Targeting preferences become easier, but costs increase with overlapping positions. Coca-Cola’s plan for the future focuses on building brand loyalty among younger generations and emerging markets. As of now, China has the third largest market for Coca-Cola with an expected 7 billion dollars invested by 2014.

Problems: Coca-Cola is facing a loss of local business due to health…...

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