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Acc545 R4 Los Lobos

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Los Lobos Ledger Data

| |12-31 |
| |2007 |2006 |
|Cash | $ 35,000 | $ 32,000 |
|Accounts receivable |33,000 | 30,000 |
|Allowance for doubtful accounts |(1,300) | (1,100) |
|Inventory |31,000 | 47,000 |
|Property, plant, & equipment |100,000 | 95,000 |
|Accumulated depreciation | (16,500) | (15,000) |
|Trade accounts payable | (25,000) | (15,500) |
|Income taxes payable | (21,000) | (29,100) |
|Deferred income taxes | (5,300) | (4,600) |
|8% callable bonds payable |(45,000) | (20,000) |
|Unamortized bond discount | 4,500 | 5,000 |
|Common stock | (50,000) | (40,000) |
|Additional paid-in capital | (9,100)…...

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