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Accenture's Work-Life Balance Programs

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Case Study: Accenture's Work-Life Balance Programs

Case Study Questions 1. Diversity competency involves the knowledge, abilities, and skills to value organizational, group, and individual characteristics while embracing such attributes as prospective sources of productivity and distinctiveness. In the case of Accenture’s work-life balance initiatives, an environment of inclusion is fostered with people who hold characteristics diverse from themselves. This is achieved through the Lifeworks program, a free and private resource offering information on a broad range of topics that include health coaching, access to experts in financial and legal matters as well as ergonomic evaluations. In addition, the Future Leave initiative offers employees flexibility to manage family or personal issues during the course of their employment. Employees can save to fund their own future leaves of about one to three months for an activity they feel enriches their life, such as meeting family commitments or trekking through Alaska. Other key attributes in the case include communication, and individual commitment to work with team members owing to their contributions and talents, irrespective of their personal attributes. This is illustrated in Tserng’s case where she returns at the end of her leave and is welcomed with open arms. The simple gesture of welcoming a worker who was on leave for more than two months signifies the need for teamwork and a commitment to work with others. 2. Self-competency attributes include knowledge, skills, and abilities to evaluate individual strengths and weaknesses, set and chase personal and professional objectives, balance personal and work life, and undertake new learning. In this case, Tserng is shown evaluating and establishing her individual development, personal, and work-related goals. Before taking up her future leave as...

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Case Study: Accenture's Work-Life Balance Programs

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