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Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) Definition After research and careful consideration of some of the other policies listed by other companies such as AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon Wireless, Richman Investments has come up with the an acceptable use policy (AUP).
The following are not allowed at any time: Making of unauthorized promises in e-mail. All emails should have a footer which states that the messages are from the sender only and do not represent the decisions or policies of Richman Investments. Using company resources or web services to visit web sites which contain inappropriate material is prohibited. This includes pornography, sexually oriented material, or sites which promote or depict discrimination, violence, or illegal activities.
In addition, it is no longer allowed to have big attachments to multiple recipients in the organization will be enforced. This can tie up the system during a busy point in the day which could end up keeping the company from making profitable decisions. In addition, no jokes or humorous items on Richman Investments email system. These emails may not be considered funny to some, therefore will not be allowed by any. Making statements concerning race, sexual orientation, disability, religion, or national origin are prohibited. These statements could be seen as harassment by either the person receiving it or by other people that may see it. Use of company email to support inappropriate activities is not allowed. Checking a doctor’s appointment is fine, running a side-business is not. Using non-standard spelling and grammar is also prohibited.
In addition to those items listed above, personal downloads are to be strictly prohibited. If you should have need of a program or utility which is not accessible in your computer system, then you must submit a request to the IT department identifying the service or application requested, why the application is needed, and a deadline for when the service or application must be installed and why.

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