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Acceptable Use Policy or AUP is a written policy and an agreement that defines what is
allowed and not allowed to be used by employees regarding the use of internet. Here
at Richman Investment are giving you, the employees the details and what the policy
entails. The use of the Internet is a privilege, not a right, and inappropriate use will result
in a cancellation of those privileges. The purpose of the internet resources is to help
employees in the performance of their job related functions and not for personal usage.
Each employee that is given privileges will have to comply with the company’s policy.

Internet usage should be conducted for the company business only. Internet use
creates the possibility of virus attacks or allowing any unauthorized people to get into
our system with the potential of accessing company’s confidential information. The use
of personal internet must be limited and only to be used for web based emails only with
the approval of your Supervisor or Manager. Under no circumstances may Company
network to be used on Social networking such as Facebook, or video viewing such as
you tube, pornographic, or any unethical use. These websites will be restricted and
prohibited for viewing. Doing so can lead to disciplinary action up to and including
termination of employment.

Like the internet, email should also be for Company purposes only. Any employees are
not allowed to send personal emails using Company email. Use Company email in an
acceptable way and do not create business risk to the company. Confidential
information must not be shared outside the Company. Emails that are sent
with an attachment from an unknown sources should not be downloaded as they may
create viruses into the Company’s system. No forwarding personal emails to co-wokers,

friends or relatives during Company time…...