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Access to Clean and Potable Water as a Human Right

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Water is indeed one of our basic needs to survive. I, personally cannot end a day without drinking water. Of course, when we talk about drinking water, it should be clean, safe and abundantly available. I firmly agree to the title given to this article that the access to clean and portable water is a human right. We are all candidate for that matter.
As a teacher of Environmental Science subject, one of my favorite lessons under it is the water cycle. Yes, because I could easily attached different scenarios in our real life connecting on that topic. Students easily catch the lesson for they are able to relate it with them as part of their everyday living. Further understanding the topic, I emphasize the word cycle as a continuous process, it never stops, and so does the water. The water, our ancestors have been drinking long long time ago is the same water we are drinking right now. It had undergone the process of water cycle many times. But the big question is that, how come in our present generation, we are experiencing shortages, insufficiencies when it comes to water supply? Here comes the problem on climate change, specifically the El Niño phenomenon. This current environmental issue greatly affects the insufficiency of water we are facing right now. The water cycle is disrupted by the intense high temperature in our environment, leading the dam operators and utility firms to forcefully stop supplying water for irrigation to vast stretches of farms and reduce water supply in certain areas.
According to the National Statistical Coordination Board, 16% of Filipino households lacked access to clean and potable water as of 2010. That percentage means a lot considering that we have many water resources in our country. Maybe, what is lacking is the improvisation when it comes to water distribution considering that the population is annually increasing. The lack of access to clean and potable water does not only translate to economic losses, it can also be deadly, definitely. Without potable water, you are candidate of different diseases, water-borne diseases to be specific, and children are at risk of unexpected early deaths. So as early as now, we should strengthen the implementation of the Philippine Clean Water Act of 2004 that talks about the standards for water quality to be set clearly for us to enjoy life freely.

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