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According to “360 Reach Assessment” (2014), “360 Reach web based personal branding survey that helps an individual understand their professional reputation so the individual build the most important brand which is the individual” (p.2). The benefits of the 360 reach assessment is to make the individual aware that they have a personal brand and that they can achieve growth by taking the 360 reach assessment. According to “360 Reach Assessment” (2014), “ The benefit of the results is not only seeing what other perceive of you, but more so whether or not you were being honest with yourself or if you have any self-awareness at all” (p.2). The number one goal of the assessment is to give tips on how to advance to the next level within the career field. The 360 reach assessment enables the individual to obtain objective and candid feedback about the individual rational. The assessment highlights the strengths as well as the weakness of the individual. One of the biggest advantage that the 360 reach assessment have over other assessment, is it allows feedback to given form more than just one set of respondents. The overall assessment gives out feedback that is essential to the individual. The highlight of this assessment is the self-evaluation, which allows individuals to be honest with their brand and what career path would be good for them. The number one goal of the assessment is to give tips on how to advance to the next level within the career field.

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