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Aldi Supermarkets Marketing Report
Contents and Appendix
2 Executive Summary 3
Audit and explanation of the business and its current customer related marketing strategy.
5 The Four P’s 5
Identifying and recommending new marketing objectives
8 Corporate and Social Responsibility Initiatives 9
Recommending new marketing objectives
10 The Marketing of Halal in the United Kingdom 11
Recommending new marketing objectives
12 Company Rebranding Initiative 12
Recommending new marketing objectives
13 Conclusion 14
SWOT Analysis
16 References 21
Insert 1.0: Marketing and Selling Models
28 Insert 1.1: Needle. D Model 29
Insert 1.2: New Organisational Structure
30 Insert 1.3: Porters Five Forces Model (1980) 31
Insert 1.4: Porters Generic Forces Model
32 Insert 1.5: Ansoff’s Matrix 33
Insert 1.6: Twelve-Month Marketing Plan: Gantt Chart
Notes to the Examiner:
 All additional information is stored in the Appendix
 The word count excludes the following:
I. All references and bibliographies
II. All references to diagrams and tables.
III. All content within tables
IV. Labels and titles of tables and diagrams
V. The Learning Outcomes as Titles
VI. The Contents Page
VII. All content on page 2, 3 & 4
 All Harvard referencing in this assignment is from the formatting illustrated in the Anglia Ruskin University document.
 I would like all ‘Inserts’, which have been placed within the main assignment to be included in the marking scheme if possible.
Executive Summary
The UK grocery industry is so large, with the demand of food retail goods being so sensitive to cross-price elasticity that retailers are constantly striving to explore new and innovative methods to which they can achieve differential advantage over their discounter retail competitors. (Mitchell & Kiral, 1998) This…...