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Accounting Cycle

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Introduction to Accounting

Why Study Accounting?

Engineering Accounting

• Accounting is pervasive
• Used in all types of organizations

An Overview
Richard S. Barr

– For-profit companies
– Not-for-profit companies
– Governmental organizations





Common characteristics:
• An objective or group of objectives
• A set of strategies to achieve its objectives
• Managers

• A key element of management
• You must understand what is being reported –

• Managers' performance is often measured by accounting data
• This data is used for decision making

• An organizational structure

• A need for information

Accounting Systems


Types of Information

• Are the primary quantitative information system in most organizations In accounting systems:
• Attention-directing

– Types of information
– Purposes of accounting systems

• Problem-solving

• Scorekeeping




Introduction to Accounting

Purposes of Acctg Systems

Accounting Systems

• Internal reporting to managers for planning and control
• Internal reporting for special decisions, policies, and long-range plans
• External reporting

Four Standard Types



Types of Accounting Systems

Financial Accounting


• Primarily for the external decision maker Financial

• External reporting follows legal and
GAAP requirements
• Objective: provide standard view of organization’s past performance

Different views for different audiences
Our focus: financial and managerial


Tax Accounting

Management Accounting

• Based on IRS regulations

• Designed primarily for the internal decision maker
• Reporting is designed to assist management in

• Some accounting rules differ from financial –...

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...Accounting Cycle Paper Stacy Keyser University of Phoenix ACC/421 Cito Vanges January 9, 2012 Howard County Accounting Overview I work for the Howard County Health Department in the Fiscal Department as the Accounts Payable. I have been working for the health department for three years. The Health Department is divided up between the state and the county. What this means is that we have to provide financial documents to the state and the county. The reason that we have to report to the state and county with financial documents is because we get grants and core money for our programs that we have. The state and the county have two different codes that we use for them so that means that we have two different systems that we use. The system that we use for the State is called Fast Tracking System (FTS) and the system that we use for the county is called the SAP/ERP. The fast tracking system is for the state because this is the system that has all their codes in it and we also use it for our records. The SAP/ERP is what the county wants us to use so we can pay our bill. The county is the one that pays our bills out of the grant and core money. We have different codes for each department we have so the county knows who is spending the money and what they are spending it on. This system is brand new so we are all getting used to this new system. In the Fiscal Department we have the Accounts......

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