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Company Overview Six Flags Entertainment Corporation (Six Flags), incorporated on December 09, 1997, owns and operates regional theme, water and zoological parks. As of the December 31, 2011, of the 18 parks the Company owned or operated, 16 are located in the United States, one is located in Mexico City, Mexico and one is located in Montreal, Canada. Its diversified portfolio of North American theme parks serves an aggregate population of approximately 100 million people and 160 million people within a radius of 50 miles and 100 miles, respectively, with some of the highest per capita gross domestic product in the United States. During the year ended December 31, 2012, the Company’s parks offered approximately 800 rides, including over 120 roller coasters, making the Company the provider of thrill rides in the industry.

Assets Six Flags current assets include cash and cash equivalents of $629,208 million, trade accounts receivable of $29,523 million, inventories of $22.280 million, and prepaid expenses of $37.49 million and other current assets of $44.973 million. Total current assets are $763,474 million. Other assets include, debt insurance costs, $26,043, restricted-use investment securities, $1,218 million, deposits and other assets, $4,214 million. Total other assets are $31,475. Six Flags has property, plant, and equipment gross after accumulated depreciation of $1254.629 million, goodwill of $630.248 million, intangible assets of $376.565 million. Six Flags total assets are $3,056,391. To increase the value of a firm, such as Six Flags assets are bought. An asset is something that can make money. There are two types of assets, current or fixed (non-current). A current asset is one that will be used within one year. A current asset would be cash, inventory or accounts receivable. An example of a fixed asset would be equipment, buildings and...

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