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Accounting Ethics Reflection#!

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Affect Being in the accounting profession for close to eight years, I have seen how large of a role ethics plays. While I have never done or been asked to do anything that could be considered unethical, I have come to realize that in accounting there is a lot of gray area. Many principles are left for interpretation and in some cases little guidance is given. In these cases ethics becomes of the upmost importance. Early in the chapter, Mark Cheffers and Micael Pakulauk raise the question of why ethics has become a part of the CPE program. This question might suggest that the accounting profession is inherently unethical or dishonest. This, of course, is not the case. Instead, ethics, or ethical behavior, is the solution to navigating through a complex and changing profession. Out of all the business disciplines, accounting must be the one that keeps all others in check. I have always felt that the role of an accountant is to safeguard the company and to provide an accurate picture of the health of a company. In order to provide this level of service, an accountant has to do it using intrinsic motivation instead of having to be compelled. Because of all the recent scandals involving accountants, it has become ever more important to have a foundation based on sound ethical practices. When confronted with a gray area in accounting and interpretation is needed, if you are bound by ethics and honesty, the outcome will be for the greater good instead of satisfying a selfish pursuit.

Behavior Currently, I am the accounting manager for the company I work for. In this role I interact with almost all aspects of the company. I meet with the VP’s, the President, and the CFO on a regular basis. I provide them with the information they need to make business decisions. I know that in order to gain their trust I must conduct myself in an ethical manner....

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