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Stenciling- 3

Tie Dye 4-5

Embroidery 6-7

Painting 8

Macreme` 9-12

Basket Weaving 13


Stenciling is a technique of imprinting letters or designs on cloth, paper or other types of materials through the use of a perforated or cut-out tool called a stencil. Prehistoric man, as early as 9,000 BC, was the first to incorporate the stencil printing technique into their surroundings, by placing his hand against the cave wall and blowing pulverized pigment around it. Examples of this early application can be found in caves in France and Spain.

Today, this technique is extensively employed for decorating wallpaper, ceilings, textiles and furniture. Artist would normally use an x-acto knife to create this type of design. Also, a stenciling brush is important because they are effective in completing the design. They are round and short with stiff bristles and are used to dab the paint unto a paper, piece of fabric or bristol board. Candle wax yet another way of making a stencil design and can be placed onto the Bristol board so that the paint will not go on unwanted places.

On my stenciling project I made a flower which looked just like this


TIE DYE is a technique for dying natural fabrics that results in interesting colorful patterns. The technique involves crumpling, pleats or folding the fabric into various patterns then tying it with string or rubber bands. Determining the name of this technique was easy as the fabric is tied and then dyed. After the fabric is tied and dyed it is then wrung out and rinsed. The tied areas will not have any dye on it creating varied patterns in the finished product.
It is important for individuals to select natural fabrics to tie dye, one hundred percent [100%] cotton is an excellent choice making tie dyed t-shirts a favourite. People can also use this technique on silk scarves, bed sheets and pants etc. People commonly use three colors in the process, though they can use more or less. If desire when using multiple colors, it’s important that you choose the colors that blend.
These are the steps that I went through to complete my tie dye project: 1. First soak the fabric in soda ash solution 2. Prepare your dye 3. Dye your fabric 4. Let the dye set- wrap the shirt up in a plastic bag or saran-wrap to keep it moist then set it aside for four to six hours so the dye has time to react with the cloth placing the shirt in a warm area will help the dye to cure faster 5. Rinse out the dye with rubber gloves

Tie dye is now greatly known in the fashion world, as many can be seen wearing it.


Embroidery is a craft that involves stitching pictures, scenes, or decorative accents on cloth or other materials using a needle and either thread or yarn. It can be done by machine or by hand, and it can be simple in design or extremely intricate.
There are many styles of embroidery, such as cross stitch, crewel and needle point.
Cross Stitch

Embroidery also has many stitching styles, all of which we completed in class. These include:
Split Stitch

Chain Stitch

Straight stitch

Button Hole Stitch

Satin Stitch

Back Stitch

Knotted Stitch


Painting is the practice of applying paint, pigment, color or other medium to a surface. The medium is commonly applied to the base with a brush but other implements, such as knives, sponges, and airbrushes, can be used. Paintings can record events, capture a likeness of a person, place, or object as well as tell stories, decorate walls and illustrate texts. Paintings can be used to express emotions and ideas, or simply be enjoyed for their beauty.
My painting for art and craft was mainly done as a form of enjoyment as well as to express myself.

Painted by Leonardo De Vinci


Macramé or macrame is a form of textile-making using knotting rather than weaving or knitting. One form of this is square knot and the twist both of which we did in class. Left Facing Square Knot | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | Step 1: To practice a left facing knot, secure 2 folded cords to a project board, ring or other item. Mentally number them 1 - 4. | | | | | | | | | | | | | Move the left working cord (1) over the filler cords (2 and 3), heading right.Pass it under the right working cord (4). | | | | | | | | | Step 2: Move the right working cord (4) under the two filler cords and over cord 1 on the left. Pull on both ends to tighten the Square Knot. It helps if you hold the fillers firmly as you tighten.You just completed the first half of the knot, which is sometimes called a "Half Knot". | | | | | | | Step 3: The working cords have now switched places, so the second half is tied in the opposite direction.

Move the cord on the right (1) over the fillers and under the left working cord (4). | | | | | | Step 4: Direct cord 4 under the fillers and over cord 1 on the right.

Tighten the second half of the Square Knot. | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | Right Facing Square Knot | | | I sometimes use the term Mirror Square Knot to describe this technique, because the tying process is exact opposite of the left facing Square knot described above.Other names I've seen used are Right Square Knot and Reverse Square Knot.Knowing how to change the direction of these knots is important when you want both edges of a design to be symmetrical. Since many patterns require this technique, be sure to practice tying them in both directions. | | | | | | | Step 1: Mentally number the 4 cords.

Move the right working cord (4) over both fillers, heading left. Pass it under the left working cord (1). | | | | | | | | | Step 2: Move the left working cord (1) under the fillers, and over the right working cord (4), as you pull it to the right. Pull both ends to tighten the first half of the knot. | | | | | | | Step 3: Move the working cord now on the left (4) over the fillers and under the right working cord. | | | | | Step 4: Move the working cord on the right (1) under the fillers and over the left working cord (4).

Tighten the second half of the Square Knot. | |

Twist (Spiral Stitch)

Basket Weaving

Basket weaving is a craft or process of making baskets or objects with materials such as rattan, flat reed, round reed etc. Historically, indigenous peoples, the native and aboriginal tribes were renowned for their basket-weaving techniques. These baskets were made and were either traded for goods or used for religious ceremonies.

The basket weaving which I did in class was made out of rattan material, this material is one that is commonly used to make baskets.

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