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Accounting for Taxation

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1. For “qualifying widow(er)” filing status, which of the following requirements must be met?

I. The surviving spouse does not remarry before the end of the current year II. The surviving spouse was eligible to file a joint tax return in the year of the spouse’s death III. The surviving spouse maintains the cost of the principal residence for six months.

A. I, II, and III B. I and II, but not III C. I and III, but not II D. I only

A. Incorrect. A taxpayer may file a tax return as a qualifying widow or widower for 2 tax years after the year in which a spouse dies provided the couple qualified to file a joint return for the year of death; that the taxpayer provided over 50% of the cost of maintaining the principal residence of a dependent child or stepchild; and that the taxpayer has not remarried as of the end of the current year. Maintaining the cost of the taxpayer’s principal residence for six months is not sufficient. B. Correct! A taxpayer may file a tax return as a qualifying widow or widower for 2 tax years after the year in which a spouse dies provided the couple qualified to file a joint return for the year of death; that the taxpayer provided over 50% of the cost of maintaining the principal residence of a dependent child or stepchild; and that the taxpayer has not remarried as of the end of the current year. Maintaining the cost of the taxpayer’s principal residence for six months is not sufficient. C. Incorrect. A taxpayer may file a tax return as a qualifying widow or widower for 2 tax years after the year in which a spouse dies provided the couple qualified to file a joint return for the year of death; that the taxpayer provided over 50% of the cost of maintaining the principal residence of a dependent child or stepchild; and that the taxpayer has not remarried...

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