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Accredation Audit

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Accreditation Audit Task 2
Sentinel Event

Western Governors University

Accreditation Audit Task 2
Sentinel Event
Nightingale is a well establish Community Hospital, which has been servicing the community by providing excellent, and compassionate healthcare provides for their patients’ needs. There values statement pledge to themselves and the community, is a commitment to four core values the first being Safety with the quote “We put our patients first”.
A1 Sentinel Event As defined by the Joint Commission (2014) a sentinel event is an unexpected occurrence involving death, or serious physical, psychological injury, or the risk thereof. With this said Nightingale community Hospital recently experienced a sentinel event involving the possible abduction of a pediatric patient.
As per reported, September 29th a three year old patient come to the hospital for a surgical procedures, accompanied by her mother. During the registration portion of the process the mother completed all the registration paperwork that was required. Along with authorization document, the patient was then directed to the pre-op area where the pre-op assessment was completed. It was at this time the mother informed the per-op nurse that she had several errands she needed to run while her daughter was in surgery, but she would be back to pick her up. The mother asked that if she had not return by the time her daughter surgery was completed to please call her mobile phone, and gave the pre-op nurse her numbers so it could be attacked to the chart. The mother was informed of how long the procedure generally takes, after that per-op was completed the patient was then taken over to the operating room (OR). It was at this point the mother left the facility, in the OR both nurses and the patient Dr were waiting to perform the procedure. After the surgery has completed the patient was then...

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