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The new product that we have come up with is the diabetes patch. This patch will help administrator the right amount of medication to everyone who has diabetes all day long so they can get away from having to insert a needle into their body. Right now there are many different ways that one can give themselves the insulin that is needed however they always involve needles. Many people are afraid of needles so the thought of having to put a needle in their body could cause a lot of anxiety (Joslin Diabetes center, n.d.). There are many benefits to coming up with this new product. One of the main benefits is that it is painless. Being able to just put a patch on your body and all day long having the medicine to control diabetes is so simple and easy. This patch would just have to be placed on either hip for 13 hours a day. This patch would be great for people to be able to live their lives exactly how they have always wanted to. At the end of the day all the patient will need to do is just take the patch off and when they wake up in the morning put a new one on. Traveling with someone who has diabetes will also become a lot easier with the new patch. Nowadays there are so many restrictions as to what exactly you can and cannot bring on an airplane that just having a patch you could put in your carry-on would be less time at security check-ins and you probably would not even have to have a doctor’s note with you in order to try and explain why you have the needles with you (Traveling with Diabetes, n.d.). This patch could be created either by an entrepreneur or with intrapreneurialship. I think the best for this particular product would be the intrapreneurialship. The reason that this would be the best would be due to the fact that we are going to need many researchers and a lot of testing. Trying to create this patch on your own would take a…...

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