Accurate Perceptions on Race Relations and Gender Roles “Gone with the Wind”

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Mahmoud Mandour

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25th February 2013


I chose to write a movie review, as a critic pointing out the inaccurate depictions made through characters in the movie, ‘Gone With The Wind”. What motivated me to do this, is that it is difficult to criticize movies as successful as this. So, I wrote this as a critic pointing out some huge flaws in the portrayals made through the movie’s characters, rather than focus on the story plot, like other movie reviews. The audience I target for this critique, is any “GWTW” fan that thinks this movie is flawless. This written task is intended to focus on part 1 of the course, as language in this movie is used in different contexts to portray race relations and gender roles in a certain society at the time the movie was set.

The tone used in the very title of the article is humorous and a bit exaggerated, as I make a pun by using the name of the movie in making a point about how this movie abolishes accurate perceptions on the nature of the confederate states. The first half of the introduction is stated in an admiring tone, as I praise the movie’s success with sentences like; “ leaving viewers with a warm feeling towards a great story that was beautifully told.” I then shift to a rather aggressive tone, as I directly point out the issues in the movie. As for the rest of the article, the tone is strictly formal and informative, as I elaborate on the introduction. I made sure to stick with the movie review format, by stating my name, movie name, names of the directors, and the genre. Another thing is that I stated the names of characters, and the actors that play them, as well as maintain formal language throughout.

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Accurate Perceptions on Race Relations and Gender Roles “Gone With The Wind”
By Mahmoud Mandour
Gone With The Wind
George Cukor, Victor…...

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