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Acedemic Honesty

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Academic Dishonesty

This article conducted studies of academic integrity and examined student perceptions of academic integrity by online students and face-to-face classrooms. Surveys were taken to see of students participated in academic misconduct, or if they thought their classmates participated in academic misconduct. * Academic Honesty * “Perceptions of Academic Honesty in online vs. Face-to-Face Classrooms” * Spaulding, Michael * Winter 2009 * Not peer reviewed * Education Research Complete

This article views academic dishonesty and cheating should be encouraged or at least given support. In this essay it claims there are two elements of academic dishonesty: one of the elements is moral, and the other is organizational and structural. * Academic Honesty * “Reframing Academic Honesty”, * Rud, A.G. * 2009 * Not peer reviewed * Education Research Complete
Academic dishonesty is providing or receiving assistance in a manner not authorized by the instructor. Work s being submitted for academic evaluation including papers, projects, tests, and presentations in their own words, but the words are from anothers thoughts and ideas.
Online instructors are constantly searching for the most effective way to accomplish academic honesty. Each school has their own tools to help with formatting online.
Ways to avoid plagiarism is to make sure you have enough time to research and write you paper. Sometimes you can feel rushed, or not have enough time to fine enough materials, and plagiarizing seems easier. When you read materials, give yourself enough time to digest it, and rephrase it in your own words. Make sure you are taking notes and using proper citation. Have confidence in your writing. Using the schools WritePoint is a very helpful tool as...

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