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Acf 2011 Sem 2

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Accredited Tertiary Courses Listing 2012

Accredited Tertiary Courses Listing 2012 – as at 26 September 2012


2012 Accredited Undergraduate Courses
AUSTRALIAN CAPITAL TERRITORY The Australian National University University of Canberra NEW SOUTH WALES Australian Catholic University Australian Institute of Higher Education Avondale College Charles Sturt University Kings Own Institute Macquarie University Southern Cross University Top Education Institute The University of New England The University of New South Wales The University of Newcastle The University of Sydney University of Technology, Sydney University of Western Sydney University of Wollongong Williams Business College NORTHERN TERRITORY Charles Darwin University QUEENSLAND Australian Catholic University Bond University Central Queensland University Christian Heritage College Griffith University James Cook University Queensland University of Technology The University of Queensland The University of Southern Queensland University of the Sunshine Coast SOUTH AUSTRALIA Flinders University Kaplan Business School The University of Adelaide University of South Australia Open Universities (conferred by Uni of SA) TASMANIA University of Tasmania VICTORIA Australian Catholic University Cambridge International College Carrick Higher Education Deakin University Holmes Institute Holmesglen Institute of TAFE La Trobe University Melbourne Institute of Technology Monash University Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE RMIT University Swinburne University of Technology The University of Ballarat The University of Melbourne Victoria University WESTERN AUSTRALIA Curtin University of Technology Edith Cowan University Murdoch University The University of Notre Dame Australia University of Western Australia SINGAPORE Nanyang Technological University Singapore Management University Page 3 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 4 4 5 5 5 6 6 6 7…...

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...Research proposal 1: Semiconductor Devices Introduction Scanning electron microscope (SEM) is a kind of electron microscope that produces images by scanning it with the focused electron beam. Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) is a type of microscopy that a beam of electrons can transmit through an very-thin specimen, interacting with the sample when it passes through. Both instruments’ images have the high resolution than the optical images. However, the focus of analysis is different. Only surface region of specimen can be viewed in SEM. On the other hand, TEM seeks to see the structure of the specimen and arrangement of crystals. Choice of instrument In this case, we aim to confirm the crystallographic orientation and the thickness of semiconductor devices which is focus on the sample’s structure. Nevertheless, SEM just focuses on the sample’s surface. Therefore, TEM is the suitable instrument. Choice of techniques & reasoning and justification The technique of phase contrast ,which is formed with at least two diffracted electron beams through their interference could be used in this experiment due to it is able to deal with the interfacial structure, crystal growth and others. Firstly, assumed the sample (semiconductor devices) is uniform. As the specimen is too thick (AlGaAs is around 5nm, the thicker layer of GaAs is roughly 5µm) to deal with the technique of phase contrast, it need to be cut to a much thinner thickness which is approximately less than 20nm...

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...PERTUNJUK/INDIKATOR NEGARA MAJU DAN SEJAHTERA: 1. Sumber alam dimanfaatkan sepenuhnya 2. Dapat mengatasi masalah kependudukan 3. Industri menjadi teras perekonomian dan berkembang dengan pesat 4. Tingkat dan kualiti hidup masyarakat tinggi 5. Kebanyakan eksport adlah hasil industri dan perkhidmatan 6. Kemudahan prasarana yang moden dan mencukupi 7. Kesedaran dan kepatuhan kepada undang2, kesetaraan gender dan penghormatan terhadap hak asasi manusia 8. Tingkat pendidikan relatif tinggi 9. Tingkat pendapatan penduduk relatif tinggi 10. Tingkat kesihatan tinggi LANGKAH MEMBINA NEGARA MAJU DAN SEJAHTERA 1. Melakukan penghematan dan memperketat perbelanjaan Negara 2. Membina ekonomi berasaskan pengetahuan 3. Meningkatkan sumber daya manusia 4. Memperkukuhkan asas dan fundamental ekonomi Negara, serta mencipta bidang2 pertumbuhan baru 5. Memperbaik sistem penyampaian dan menghapus sistem birokrasi yang rumit dalam bidang pelaburan 6. Meningkatkan kualiti hidup rakyat melalui pembinaan dan penyediaan prasarana rakyat di kawasan2 pedalaman 7. Mewujudkan kestabilan politik, ekonomi dan social OBJEKTIF/MATLAMAT RUKUN NEGARA 1. Untuk mencipta satu masyarakat yang adil 2. Untuk memelihara cara hidup demokratik 3. Untuk mencapai perpaduan yang lebih erat dalam kalangan seluruh masyarakat 4. Untuk membentuk satu sikap yang liberal terhadap tradisi kebudayaan yang kaya dan berbagai-bagai corak 5.......

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...SEMESTER 2 2011 CPA 118 ETHICS AND GOVERNANCE CPA - ETHNIC SEMESTER 2 2011 MODULE 1 ACCOUNTING AND SOCIETY 1.05 1.05 Part A: Ineraction with society Depictions of A/cting Depiction Defeating depictions defeat Fig 1.1 new bean counter How to become professional? 3 aspects 1.06 Recruiting the best Beard(1994),Smith and Briggs(1999) and Simnik and Felton(2006) Friedman& Lyne(2001);Albrecht and Sack(2000);Coate et al.(2003) Jeacle: colourful accountant linked to corporate collapses 1.07 Moral agency Biddle(2006) Value creation - key to maintain high standards Moral agent - refer to individual making moral judgement for others Moral agent theory based on concept " act appropriotely and professionally" 1.08 Technical functions and social impact Understanding A/cting A/cting defination - Macquarie Dictionary - Technical practice - bookkeeping Not Prefect def - AAA(American A/cting Association) -communication skill… 1.09 Social impact of A/cting + impact - based on historic A/cting info professional capabilities - technical knowledge,soft skill & experience 1.10 Social impact example - A/cting and the GFC "mark-to market" Lonergan (2009) - if A/cting causative factor in GFC 2008/2009 1.11 Q 1.1 Logergan 'standard setters'slow reaction only cause GFC ? NO How wisdom come out? - experience /knowledge Distinguishing feature - building relevant wisdom over time Parker et al. (1989) - induce other behaviour Miller(1994) - intrinsically and inredeemable social impact IMPACT Macro......

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...Java) University of Pune, T.Y. B.C.A., Semester V & VI 2 T.Y. B.C.A. Semester V Subject Name -: VB.NET or VB.NET Programming. Course Code -: 501 Sr. No. 1. TOPICS .NET Framework (Introduction to .NET Framework) 1.1 Introduction 1.2 CLR 1.3 CTS 1.4 MSIL 1.5 Garbage Collection 1.6 Assemblies 1.6.1 Assembly content 1.6.2 Assembly types VB.Net Programming 2.1 Windows Forms 2.1.1. Setting Title Bar Text 2.1.2. Seeing the initial position of a form 2.1.3. Minimizing/Maximising a form 2.1.4. Working with multiple forms 2.1.5. Setting the StartUp Form 2.1.6. Adding controls to a form 2.1.7. Setting properties at Design Time Docking & Anchoring controls 2.1.8 Setting properties at run time 2.1.9 Creating a Message Box - Using Msgbox Function - Using MessageBox.Show Function 2.1.10. Creating an Input Box 2.1.11. Multiple Document Interface(MDI) Forms 2.1.12. Creating MDI Aplications 2.1.13. Creating a Dialog Box 2.1.14. Handling Events 2.2 Controls 2.2.1 Label Control 2.2.2 TextBox Control 2.2.3 Button Control 2.2.4 ComboBox Control 2.2.5 ListBox Control 2.2.6 CheckBox Control 2.2.7 RadioButton 2.2.8 GroupBox Control 2.2.9 Panel, PictureBox,ProgressBar & Timer Controls 2.2.10 Menus,Built-in Dialog Boxes,Treeview Controls 2.3 Mouse Events & Keyboard Events 2.3.1 Mouse Events -MouseClick -MouseDoubleClick -MouseDown -MouseEnter -MouseHover University of Pune, T.Y. B.C.A., Semester V & VI No. of Lectures 4 Reference Books Bk 1 2. 16 Bk 1 3 3. -MouseLeave -MouseMove -MouseUp......

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