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Case Study Project

This is a group project worth 10% of your overall grade. You should have chosen a group in class. If you do not have a group, please contact me ( in order to be assigned to a group.

Everyone should first individually read the text of the case study (accessible on Webcourses). Then, each group has two responsibilities: (1) Create a memo with responses to questions 1-5 on page 2 of the case study text. (2) Create a PowerPoint presentation in response to one of the five questions, according to your group number (see the bottom of this handout for your group’s assigned question).

Additional Guidelines 1. The memo should be 1-2 pages long. 2. The presentation can be a maximum of 10 slides long. 3. You must reference the appropriate FASB standard under the Accounting Standards Codification (ASC) when supporting your responses. See login information below for access to the ASC. 4. Email the presentation and memo to the instructor ( and teaching assistant ( in the same email no later than Wednesday, December 2nd at 11pm. 5. Save your group’s memo and presentation using the following naming convention. If you are in section 4 of ACG3141 and in Group 5, you should save your presentation and memo (two separate files) as, “Section4_Group5”. 6. Each group will present their PowerPoint slides on the last day of class this semester. For Section 1 (large class size), I will randomly select one of the groups assigned to each question to present on the last day. 7. You may select one to all group members to present your group’s response. Not everyone must speak. 8. The majority of your case study grade will be based on the memo, although I will also factor into your grade the PowerPoint slides themselves (not the in-class presentation). I...

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