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Achievement Motivation

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Achievement Motivation
Kathryn Harwick
Saint Leo University
Psych of Motivation and Emotion
Professor Litman
July 20, 2015

Those who have high levels of achievement motivation desire success and will do anything to achieve the overpowering sensation of external rewards. Research has been completed throughout the years in order to determine what causes human motivation and what effects it can have on the human body. Throughout these studies, confirmation has indicated that challenging tasks and activities increase effort and provide individuals the encouragement to excel and develop. David McClelland’s achievement motivation theory has proven that this form of motivation is indeed key to determining the influence on academic performance, as well as being an important psychological indicator for one’s success and failure in life.

Achievement Motivation How each of us develop the will and desire to succeed in certain tasks and activities, or how we concern ourselves with the possibility of failure are both issues surrounding practical and theoretical significance. Motivation is generally defined as the driving force behind all of our actions. It refers to the dynamics of our behavior, while influencing our needs and desires. There are different types of motivation that range from intrinsic, extrinsic, psychological, and achievement motivation. Achievement motivation is one’s need to succeed while attaining their ambitions and aspirations in life. This type of physiological motivation drives and affects our natural behavior while satisfying our need for internal and external success. Ones motivation to succeed is very imperative, it affects our lives on a daily basis and influences our actions, behaviors, thoughts, and beliefs while pushing us toward success.
An internal process, motivation is what causes a person...

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