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Achieving Strategic Objectives

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"If you don’t know where you are going, then any road will lead you there!" This famous old saying shows us the importance of planning. Planning is the basic building block for current and future organization's success.
Every successful organization should develop a clear plan to achieve their goals. This leads organizations towards developing strategic plans. Vision and mission statements are the cornerstone of a successful strategic plan.
An organization vision statement may describe desirable and possible future state or long term aims of a company and is also a backdrop of a purpose and company’s strategy, itaffects key priorities and behavioral standards in a company(Dermol, 2012).
Vision is viewed as a mental picture of a compelling future situation. It originates from creative imagination, the act or power of perceiving imaginative mental images, sort of foresightedness (Joachim, 2010).
A clear and realistic vision will lead organizations towards success; it is the basis for right strategies and key priorities.The vision statement is an institution’s clear description of what it intends to become within a certain timeframe. The vision statement defines the institution’s strategic position in the future and the specific elements of that position with relationship to the mission statement, vision statements benefit the planning process by providing everyone in the institution with the same vision of the future. (Hinton, 2012)
In the other hand, mission statement represents a more specific description of what an organization is seeking to achieve and how it will achieve. It also represents the organization's internal and external values.
Developing a clear mission statement is a very important part in strategic planning.The mission should emphasize the main focus of the company and its activities. It usually says what is our main field or activity…...

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